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The wrinkle-busting skincare secret Kim Kardashian swears by: 'Incredible'

Sold out on GOOP and featured on the Instagram pages of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, the LYMA laser is the first and only skincare laser that lets you access clinic-grade power at home.

Kim is a big fan of the tiny torch-like device, admitting, "After everyone's in bed, I'm doing laser treatments" with the device. Other fans claim the machine "improves tone", "reduces fine lines" and gives "overall glowiness".

Kim Kardashian getting LYMA laser skincare treatment
Kim Kardashian has long incorporated laser treatments in her skincare regimen. Photo: Instagram

The laser was originally developed for the medical industry, but scientists working on it noticed that as their research progressed, the laser had an incredible effect on skin; transforming wrinkles, pigmentation and scars.

Unlike other cosmetic lasers on the market that rely on damaging skin to stimulate collagen production, LYMA's breakthrough laser technology penetrates the deepest layers of the skin to completely remodel and rebuild from the base layer up, so no cells are damaged in the process. This also means it's suitable for dark skin - something laser technology hasn't been recommended for previously, due to the risk of scarring.


The LYMA laser is the first-ever clinic-grade cosmetic laser to receive FDA clearance for home use and promises transformative results in just 12 weeks. It treats all signs of ageing, rosacea, pigmentation, scars and acne, and is a gentle, non-abrasive treatment, requiring no downtime.

Knees before and after LYMA laser treatment
The LYMA laser is the first and only skincare laser that delivers clinic-grade power, for use in the home. Photo: LYMA

The LYMA Laser Starter Kit includes the laser, accessories and a travel pouch, and there's a 12-month payment plan for the budget-conscious. To get results that one user described as "incredible", firstly apply six pumps of the oxygenating LYMA Active Mist and two to three pumps of the nourishing LYMA Priming Serum that come with the laser. Then, simply hold the LYMA Laser over each section of skin you're treating for at least three minutes.

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