Channel Nine 'furious' after MAFS stars spoil ending: 'Over it'

Spoilers have already emerged about this year's couples.

MAFS has only been on-air for a week, but several spoilers about the contestants have already started circulating. On Wednesday, evidence emerged that popular couple Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda have already split after the 42-year-old groom was spotted kissing wedding guest Samantha Louise Symes.

Channel Nine aren’t happy with the cast leaking spoilers and have warned contestants about adhering to their contracts. A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle the network is “furious” with Dan for ruining his entire storyline.

L: MAFS contestant Dan Hunjas with sunglasses on. R: Sandy Jawanda and Dan Hunjas at their wedding
MAFS' Dan Hunjas and Sandy Jawanda's relationship apparently fizzles out. Photo: Supplied & Nine

“Dan had some very angry phone calls from production and publicists and he was made an example of to other cast members,” the insider says.

“They’ve all been reminded about the contracts they signed and how they have to play the part until their relationships ends on screen.”


Our source adds that the cast are “over it”, as the contestants don’t want to “keep their lives on hold”.

L: Samantha Louise Symes in an orange dress. R: MAFS star Adam Seed sits next to Dan Hunjas who is kissing Samantha Louise Symes
MAFS' Dan is rumoured to be dating his friend Samantha. Photo: Instagram/sam_symes_nurse

Dan 'spoils' MAFS ending

This comes after a video of Dan’s viewing party of his wedding day seemed to confirm a major spoiler about his 'marriage’.

Although the pair had an instant connection when they first locked eyes at the altar, the groom’s behaviour seemed to hint he was no longer with Sandy.

Holding a glass of champagne while thanking friends for support, he made a toast and told friends to “enjoy the ride”.

“Cheers to laughter and not so much happily ever after,” a friend yelled back.

In another video posted on Instagram, the groom is seen doing a 'shoey' before sitting back down next to his rumoured girlfriend Samantha.

Fans have been rallying behind Sandy and Dan after she expressed her excitement her ‘husband’ had embraced her culture.


"Dan and Sandy are just lovely!!!! God I hope this tweet ages well," one wrote on Twitter.

"I may consider watching MAFS for the first time solely for Dan and Sandy," another fan said.

"Dan and Sandy make me all gooey. Please last," a third added.

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