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Waterproof sex blankets for unbridled bedroom fun: 'Life changing'

These luxurious waterproof blankets are perfect for the bedroom

If you're prone to losing control in the bedroom, then you know what a drag it is having to jump up and wash the sheets afterwards.

Enter the Splash Blanket. Designed and developed by Australian entrepreneur and Yoni Pleasure Palace founder, Rosie Rees, these blankets do much more than just protect your bedding and manchester.

Model with mustard coloured splash blanket
These waterproof blankets are perfect for adventures in the bedroom. Photo: Supplied

When Rees began a relationship with a woman in 2019, her partner started experiencing female ejaculation on a regular basis. Tired of washing sheets and using multiple towels, Rees decided to invent a luxurious, soft and waterproof blanket for those who experience "squirting".

Rees says that "when women feel more comfortable to let go during sex or self-pleasure, they naturally become more orgasmic". That includes feeling safe and comfortable enough to let go of any fluids without worrying about your expensive bamboo bed sheets.

Model holding a green splash blanket
Rosie Rees says it's hard to feel truly orgasmic if you can't just relax and let go. Photo: Supplied

Splash Blankets are super smooth, double-sided, machine washable and totally leak-proof. Women who've used one say it totally saved their sex life, allowing them to fully surrender in the bedroom and squirt for the first time. "Life changing," reads one five-star review, with other happy couples saying things like: "Wish we'd found it earlier in our marriage. So so good. Thank you."

The velvety soft waterproof blankets come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and can be used during partner intimacy or solo self-pleasure sessions. They absorb and retain up to a litre of liquid, body fluids, lubricants and oils and are super simple to wash: just throw it in the machine after sex.

Splash blanket in medium red
The velvety soft waterproof blankets come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. Photo: Supplied

The special waterproof technology integrated into the blanket captures liquid and prevents it from leaking through, so you will no longer soak through your sheets or towels. Just lay the blanket down on your bed, relax and let go... what are you waiting for? Make a splash this summer.

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