Terrifying MAFS moment producers couldn't air: ‘Scary’

The shock incident happened during a Married At First Sight wedding.

MAFS contestants Alyssa Barmonde and Duncan James tied the knot in Byron Bay during Thursday night’s episode, with the couple establishing an instant connection at the altar. Alyssa’s background is different from the other brides, as she was raised in Utah in a strongly religious Mormon family.

The single mum now lives in Sydney and is on a mission to find her perfect match. While Duncan seems to tick all her boxes, their wedding day was overshadowed by a shock incident later that evening.

L: MAFS couple Alyssa and Duncan. R: Alyssa on her wedding day
MAFS couple Alyssa and Duncan were instantly smitten. Photo: Nine

Producers love to ramp up the drama as it helps keep viewers entertained, but this particular moment wasn’t able to be shown on-air. As the pair were celebrating with friends and family at the wedding reception, a wedding guest experienced a medical emergency.

“During the reception, one of Duncan’s mates dropped to the floor and had a seizure. The producers acted quickly and called an ambulance but they had to stop all filming,” a wedding guest tells Yahoo Lifestyle.


Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous, adds that the moment was terrifying.

“The guest had an existing medical condition and was fine, but it was pretty scary. No one knew what was happening or if they’d even continue filming.”

MAFS couple Alyssa and Duncan during their wedding reception
The emergency took place during Alyssa and Duncan's wedding reception. Photo: Nine

Bronte spills Harrison's X-rated secrets

This comes after a MAFS insider revealed the reason behind Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon’s latest onscreen spat.

According to So Dramatic!, Bronte wasn’t ‘satisfied’ after having sex with Harrison during Hunter Valley honeymoon, and she made her feelings very clear.

“She told friends the next day that she felt like a mattress with a hole in it,” the source claimed. “Let’s just say Bronte wasn’t exactly pleased with Harrison’s performance. She calls him a ‘pump and dump’ and said it was over in two seconds.”

Bronte and Harrison at their MAFS wedding
Bronte has allegedly spoken out about Harrison's performance in the bedroom. Photo: Nine


The next morning, the groom claims he isn’t sexually attracted to his bride anymore, leaving Bronte shocked and confused.

An insider told the publication that Harrison didn’t take the criticism well and “loses it” at the brunette.

“He blames her and says it’s because he’s not sexually attracted to her. Then they are at war again.”

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