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Period undies for teens make those first cycles stress-free: 'Awesome'

Helping teens navigate their first period can be tricky for both parents and children. Now, AWWA Period Care has launched AWWA Teens, a range of period undies designed to help girls through their first cycles in style.

The female-owned brand was founded by New Zealand friends Michele and Kylie, who were determined to create a more empowering and sustainable way of dealing with periods.

Girl holding AWWA period undies
AWWA Teens is a range of period undies specifically designed to help girls through their first period. Photo: Supplied

AWWA's My First Period Kits are dedicated period-absorbent underwear packages specially designed for tweens and teens who are just starting their menstrual journey. Each kit contains different styles of washable period absorbent underwear that can absorb up to five regular tampons or pads worth of blood.


The kits also contain an educational booklet about periods, The Little Book of Periods, a mini hot water bottle to help relieve cramps, and a wet bag to store underwear if needed at school or sports.

All AWWA underwear is B Corp and ethically made from natural, organic and recycled fabrics. Their period care underwear is made with a blend of sustainable fibre, TENCEL Modal, and soft organic cotton. This sustainable fabric technology uses four super absorbent, anti-microbial and leak-resistant layers, to keep users feeling fresh, dry and worry-free, and all their period underwear feature slim gussets so they feel just like ordinary underwear.

AWWA first period kit
AWWA Teens period kits make the first menstrual cycle a lot less daunting. Photo: Supplied

Co-founder Michele Wilson wants the kits to give parents and caregivers the confidence and reassurance that they're doing the best thing for their loved ones when it comes to talking about menstruation for the first time. "Menstruation is something to front foot and address so they can feel safe, nurtured and understand the changes that are happening in their bodies and what to expect," she says.

"The simplicity of period underwear takes away the scary, messy and wasteful single-use pads and tampons – gone are the dreaded demonstrations. Popping on a pair of AWWA period briefs makes first periods that much easier."

Her vision is certainly working too. Comments from people who've bought the packs include praise like "Another level of awesome", and "My daughter finds these so comfortable and much better than pads".

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