Behind-the-scenes snaps show reality of MAFS wedding: 'Miserable'

An onlooker said Married at First Sight star Melinda Willis was not impressed.

Behind-the-scenes photos from the wedding of Married at First Sight star Melinda Willis show the bride was already miserable before meeting her new 'husband' at the altar.

The sassy 32-year-old businesswoman filmed her wedding on August 27 on a super yacht leaving from King Street Wharf in Sydney.

However, the wedding may not have been everything Melinda dreamt of, with heavy rain putting a dampener on the day before she met her groom.

A video sent to Yahoo Lifestyle shows Melinda huddling underneath an umbrella looking concerned as she spoke to producers.

MAFS star Melinda Willis standing in a wedding dress under an umbrella.
An onlooker said Melinda was miserable prior to meeting her new 'husband'. Source: Matrix

An onlooker told Yahoo Lifestyle that during her wedding day, the bride was "miserable".

"Producers kept making her film take after take arriving in the torrential rain," the onlooker said. "The weather was relentless and they had a tight schedule so they had to power through but Melinda wasn't impressed. There was a lot of eye-rolling."

During her wedding, which aired on MAFS on Sunday night, Melinda clearly was not impressed by her groom Layton Mills.


"I'm looking for something that is full of passion, from day one till the end," she told producers.

The couple appeared to lack that instant chemistry when she got to the altar, with the pair having nothing to say to each other as they waited for the celebrant the begin the ceremony. Melinda also struggled to keep eye contact with her groom and constantly looked around the room.

"First impressions – he may be punching just a little," she told producers. "I would swipe left.

"I'm a nine and a half, on a bad day."

The attraction did not seem to grow between the pair throughout the ceremony, with Melinda put off when Layton said he had a "money tree" growing up in his vows.

"Wait, he grew up with a money tree? And that to me is just a red flag," she told producers.

The pair then shared a very awkward kiss and Melinda was visibly uncomfortable as they had to pose together for wedding photos.

Melinda and Layton share an awkward kiss at their MAFS wedding.
Melinda and Layton appeared to lack chemistry at their wedding. Source: Channel Nine

Speaking to her bridesmaids later at the reception, Melinda was vocal about her distaste for her new groom.

"I can't help but be picky, and right now the vibe that I'm getting ... it just feels off," she said.

Her friends tried to reassure her, telling her they believed they were a good match and he was handsome.

Melinda appeared to start giving Layton the benefit of the doubt after later in the reception he explained the money tree that had turned her off earlier in the episode.

"For those who don't know, I had to bury a coin in the backyard and water it every day," he said in his wedding speech.

"One day I ran out into the garden and I couldn't believe my eyes when I realised I had grown my very own money tree, with coins sprouting all over the branches. Spoiler alert – it's amazing what you can do with some sticks and some strong adhesive."

After hearing the story Melinda said she was feeling a "mix of emotions".

"I'm just questioning if I judged him too soon," she said.

Time will only tell whether the pair can hit it off on their honeymoon.

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