MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Tahnee reveals unaired argument with Ollie

The season 10 bride spills on the moment that didn't make it to air.

They appear to be one of the strongest couples on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but it turns out viewers haven’t seen all of the major moments from Tahnee Cook and Ollie Skelton’s time in the experiment.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Tahnee reveals that she and Ollie had an argument during filming that never made it to air.

MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee looking confused.
MAFS’ Tahnee says she and Ollie had a disagreement on the show that viewers didn’t get to see. Photo: Channel Nine

The PR manager explains that while she wouldn’t call it a ‘fight’ because “that’s so dramatic”, they had a disagreement after Ollie attended the boys’ night where Harrison took another girl’s phone number.

“I wasn’t upset that he was with the boys, I’m happy for him to hang out with the boys, it was more that we’re not allowed to do that,” she details.

“I was upset that he went because it’s against the rules, and I am an avid rule follower so I was having anxiety about him being out and just not following the rules. I don’t want to be in trouble.

“I was just really frustrated because I didn’t want to be in the position, but that didn’t make it to air because obviously, it would’ve been confusing that I was upset about production.”


Tahnee adds that up until the current point in the experiment, she and Ollie have only encountered a few bumps in their marriage which have all had to do with production.

“With us, we always brought it back to whether it was a production problem or a relationship problem,” she shares. “We were always like, let’s compartmentalise. Is it production, is it stress, have you eaten, or is it a bigger issue?

“We're not going to be in an apartment with each other 24/7 with cameras in the real world, so the key thing that really helped us through was just making sure we could switch off and check what is the actual issue or the stress or whatever.”

MAFS’ Ollie and Tahnee at the dinner party.
Tahnee and Ollie are currently one of the strongest couples in the experiment. Photo: Channel Nine

'It's really funny to me'

While fans haven’t seen too much of Tahnee and Ollie’s journey in the experiment compared to the other couples, Tahnee says she’s happy with what’s been shown so far.

“I think it really captures the essence of our relationship and how it grew,” Tahnee remarks. “Up until the point where we are airing now, we really didn’t have that conflict. We were both quite chill with the whole thing, so I can see from their perspective that we weren’t really giving them that tea and the drama they would’ve wanted to see.


She continues: “To be honest, I think for us it’s funny the random things they are putting in. We’re like, were we really that boring that they’re going to put us plucking each other's nose hairs? It’s really funny to me.”

Tahnee adds that she would love to continue seeing more sweet moments from their journey as the season continues, and wishes viewers saw more from their honeymoon.

“I loved the honeymoon and I feel like there were some funny moments there,” she says. “I would love to see a deleted scenes compilation because that would’ve been hilarious, but it’s more so just for my memory. I don’t know if there’s anything valuable, but I’m sure people would love to see random little snippets.”

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