MAFS' Dan 'edited out' of boys' night: 'Spoiled it all'

Nine is reportedly hoped viewers would 'forget' about the Married At First Sight groom.

You may have noticed that MAFS' Dan Hunjas didn't appear at the boys' night on Tuesday night, where former grooms joined the current stars for a night out. However, it turns out he did attend but was just edited out.

After Dan broke his contract numerous times by spoiling the show's ending and revealing he doesn't end up with 'wife' Sandy Jawanda, Channel Nine was forced to make last-minute edits to the episode, making it appear as though he wasn't there.

MAFS' Dan Hunjas
MAFS' Dan Hunjas was 'edited out' of the show's boys' night on Tuesday night after 'spoiling' the show's ending multiple times. Photo: Nine

A source revealed to Daily Mail that Dan's scenes were heavily reduced to "make it look like he wasn't there" in the hopes "he would be completely forgotten about".

The insider adds that Dan was apparently a big part of the boys' night and even had a heated argument with Rupert Bugden over the butt-dial, but it was never shown.


"Channel Nine and Endemol Shine Australia are still super pi***d off with Dan about him ruining his storyline with Sandy," they said. "He completely ruined the surprise for everyone."

The source continued: "The whole point of the show is the suspense and the drama, and he just went and spoiled it all."

MAFS' boys' night
Dan was edited out from the boys' night, despite having an argument with Rupert about the butt-dial incident. Photo: Nine

According to the publication, Dan was served legal papers after spoiling the show and going public with then-girlfriend Samantha Symes. They add that Dan's actions were seen as a threat to ratings and Nine took action to make an example of him.

The source added that Nine wasn't "going to let anyone ruin the series" and that Dan is now "facing the consequences" after going "too far".

Former MAFS star Domenica's 'interesting theory'

It comes after former MAFS star Domenica Calarco shared her "interesting theory" about Dan with Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this season.

"He's really gone against the protocol of Endemol Shine and Channel Nine, and he's been seen out with [Samantha Symes] who was a guest at his wedding," she said. "They’ve been photographed multiple times, they’ve been dating, they’re having spicy margs, they’re going out and they’re smiling at the photos - which they’re setting up, by the way.


"And I just think he's trying to put the knife into Channel Nine before they throw him under the bus for some things that are going to come out."

She continued: "He’s smart, he works in marketing, he knows what he's doing. He's putting the knife into Channel Nine before they're going to do him dirty. He’s trying to be like, 'F you!'"

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