MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The truth about intruder Rupert's 'shy guy' edit

There's more to the TV groom than what's been shown.

He’s been dubbed the experiment’s “most awkward groom ever” after joining as an intruder last week, but it seems there’s much more to Married At First Sight's Rupert Bugden than what’s aired on TV.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the 27-year-old electrician’s “shy guy” edit is very different to what he’s like outside of the show.

MAFS’ Evelyn Ellis and Rupert Budgen at the dinner party,
MAFS’ Rupert Bugden is paired with Evelyn Ellis on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

A friend of the tradie tells us: “Rupert loves to party and has always been confident.

“He comes across awkward on the TV just because of all the cameras and crew around him, he's completely out of his comfort zone.”


Throwback pictures that have emerged on social media even show the groom standing naked on the street during a night out after spilling alcohol on himself.

MAFS' Rupert Bugden without his clothes / Rupert spilling drinks on his shirt.
‘Rupert loves to party and has always been confident.’ Photos: Supplied

'True to form'

This comes after Rupert’s on-screen wife Evelyn Ellis told Yahoo Lifestyle that the on-screen awkwardness between them at their wedding was “true to form”.

“That couch session where me and Rupert sat on the sofas together at the wedding and I was trying to talk to him, that is exactly what happened verbatim,” she said.

“Honestly, I wanted to melt in my chair at that point in time. I actually think they cut a lot of it out, so I think they let Rupert off the hook a little bit, but it was definitely as awkward as it seemed.”


Evelyn added that there was one moment between the pair on their honeymoon that she was particularly disappointed didn’t air on TV.

“There was one part that I'm really upset they didn’t put in because it was hilarious,” she shared.

“It was me and Rupert in a field holding a chicken, and he was way more frightened of the chicken than I was. And we were screaming like little children and it was the most endearing, sweet, natural, authentic moment ever, but I guess it just didn't make the cut.”

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