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Sleep on cloud nine with these must-have mattresses: 'Perfect'

Treat yourself to the mattress of your dreams.

Did you know that almost half of all Australians report experiencing two or more sleep-related issues? Sleep is essential for good health, as it allows your body to repair and rebuild, reduces stress, improves your memory and mood, prevents illnesses and boosts your mental health.

Humans spend one-third of their lives sleeping, which is why it's crucial to find a mattress that provides proper support and a peaceful night's rest.

Emma Sleep mattress on bed covered in throw blankets
Emma Sleep is celebrating World Sleep Day with a huge sale on their award-winning mattresses. Photo: Supplied

A supportive mattress from Emma Sleep, Australia's 2023 Product of the Year Award winner, is one of the best ways to ensure you can set yourself up for success.

To celebrate World Sleep Day on Friday 17 March, Emma Sleep is running a sale from Tuesday 14 March to Monday 27 March, so shoppers can take home the mattress of their dreams and save up to 55%.

Emma Comfort Mattress - 55% off

The Emma Comfort Mattress layers
The Emma Comfort Mattress has multi-zone memory foam to provide support as you sleep. Photo: Supplied

The Emma Comfort Mattress is an all-foam mattress-in-a-box with multi-zone memory foam support to ensure that your spine, hips and shoulders all remain aligned and supported in every possible position throughout the night. Designed for dedicated Aussie sleepers, this mattress will keep your body cool and dry, even on hot summer nights, and is designed to last.

Shoppers have been raving about the Emma Comfort Mattress online, with thousands of five-star reviews. One customer wrote: "I have to say, this mattress is truly amazing! It's incredibly comfortable, and I've been sleeping like a baby on it." A second wrote: "This mattress is the perfect balance between soft and firm. It feels like sleeping on a supportive cloud!"

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress - 55% off

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress in a bedroom
The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is a foam and spring mattress designed to take your sleep to the next level. Photo: Supplied

Boasting all the features you need to get the sleep you deserve, the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is a foam and spring mattress designed to take you to the next level. With its seven-zone back support and patented Diamond Degree technology, the distinct layers are ergonomically designed to deliver optimal cushioning and support in all the right places, enabling you to sleep comfortably in any position.

Meanwhile, hundreds of individually encased steel pocket springs offer dynamic body support and ensure superb ventilation to keep your mattress fresh for years to come. The best part is that the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is delivered straight to your door in a convenient box, so you can rest assured it will be in perfect condition when it arrives.

"The best mattress we have slept on, bar none. We both sleep better and wake up feeling terrific... firm support without being a 'hard' mattress is exactly what we needed," wrote one shopper in a five-star review. Others raved that the mattress is "amazing" and "perfect".

Emma Zero Gravity Mattress - 55% off

The Emma Zero Gravity mattress in a bedroom with pillows
The Emma Zero Gravity mattress is equipped with all the features needed for absolute comfort and relaxation while you sleep. Source: Supplied

Designed to cradle all your pressure points, the Emma Zero Gravity mattress is equipped with all the features needed for absolute comfort and relaxation for your shoulders, spine and hips. With large air channels that improve airflow, you can wave goodbye to sweaty nights because this mattress will allow you to maintain the ideal sleep temperature all night. Meanwhile, the multi-zone pocket spring system supports the wider areas of your back, to bring maximum pressure relief, support, and comfort while you sleep.

The Emma Sleep sale runs until Monday 27 March, while stock lasts.

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