Radio hosts forced to censor MAFS' Rupert after X-rated confession

The Married At First Sight groom made a surprising comment about his sex life live on-air.

He’s been portrayed as the most “awkward” groom the experiment has ever seen, but Married At First Sight’s Rupert Bugden left radio hosts stunned this week with his surprising X-rated confession live on-air.

SeaFM’s Bianca, Ben & Lakey were forced to censor the 27-year-old tradie when he appeared on the show and made a comment about his skills in the bedroom.

MAFS’ Rupert Budgen.
MAFS’ Rupert Bugden left radio hosts stunned with his surprising sex confession live on-air. Photo: Channel Nine

Rupert was chatting about his TV wedding to Evelyn Ellis and how nervous he felt being surrounded by cameras when the conversation went awry.

“I’m usually not half bad,” he remarked, leaving co-host Bianca Dye confused as she exclaimed, “What! What do you mean you’re not half bad? At what?”.

“At talking,” he clarified, to which she replied, “Oh! I thought you were talking about in the bedroom! I was like, oh come on mate, you’ve got tickets on yourself”.

Rupert then responded, “No, I can find the cl*t and that’s about it”, which left the hosts stunned. The producers quickly tried to censor his mention of the female sexual organ but listeners could still make out what he said.


“Our producers have just had a heart attack when you dropped that word, Rupert,” co-host Danny Lakey said.

“I dare you to say that on MAFS, mate!” Bianca added. “They’ll be editing that one out, oh my god!”

“We’ve got Evelyn on tomorrow, we’ll see if Rupert’s words are true!” Danny joked.

Radio host Bianca Dye looking shocked.
Host Bianca Dye was shocked by Rupert’s comment. Photo: SeaFM

'Definitely as awkward as it seemed'

This comes shortly after Evelyn spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her wedding and revealed that the on-screen awkwardness between herself and Rupert was “true to form”.

“That couch session where me and Rupert sat on the sofas together at the wedding and I was trying to talk to him, that is exactly what happened verbatim,” she said.

“Honestly, I wanted to melt in my chair at that point in time. I actually think they cut a lot of it out, so I think they let Rupert off the hook a little bit, but it was definitely as awkward as it seemed.”


Evelyn added that there was one moment between the pair on their honeymoon that she was particularly disappointed didn’t air on TV.

“There was one part that I'm really upset they didn’t put in because it was hilarious,” she shared.

“It was me and Rupert in a field holding a chicken, and he was way more frightened of the chicken than I was. And we were screaming like little children and it was the most endearing, sweet, natural, authentic moment ever, but I guess it just didn't make the cut.”

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