MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Cast rocked by 'evil couple swap' twist: 'Threatened to quit'

Married At First Sight's newest challenge will throw relationships into chaos.

This year’s season of MAFS has been one of the most explosive yet, but the drama is set to continue to soar. Next week, viewers will be stunned after producers introduce a completely new and “evil” twist.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that the contestants will be asked to complete a “couple swap”, which sees some very unlikely pairings. The participants are encouraged to move into a different apartment and share living quarters, including beds, with a new partner.

L: MAFS star Melinda Willis looking shocked. R: MAFS star Harrison Boon looking angry
Next week on MAFS, the participants will be faced with a 'couple swap'. Photo: Nine

While the experts will likely twist this new challenge with a positive spin, an insider tells us that producers are hoping it causes more drama in the final weeks.

“Producers thought a couple swap would be the perfect way to cause the biggest blow-ups before any couples that survive make it to final vows,” our source spills.

“[This] twist has never been done before, which the couples described as evil. Some participants even threatened to quit and everyone has been sworn to secrecy.”


Our insider also adds that the season was “hectic” from the beginning, as producers were worried about the show feeling “stagnant”.

“They’ve completely flipped everything this time around,” the source adds.

Lyndall Grace, Alyssa Barmonde and Melinda Willis on MAFS.
The 'couple swap' will push participants to the limit. Photo: Supplied

According to our source, producers asked Harrison Boon to move into Melinda Willis' apartment even though the pair have been at each other’s throats throughout the experiment.

Melinda and her 'husband' Layton Mills were upset about the challenge, with both of them considering quitting the show. Layton was so outraged by the request that he refused to move into Bronte Schofield's apartment.

Fans weren’t impressed once they heard about the 'evil twist', with many saying the producers had gone too far.


“This, to me, seems way over the line of decency,” one fan wrote. “I think the producers need to take a long hard look at themselves.”

“Just another push by producers to stir up controversy and drama for the ratings. Man, how long can they go!!!” another pointed out.

“If it does happen I will never watch it again. In no ‘real life situation’ would that happen,” a third chimed in.

“In case there wasn’t enough drama! Producers are pushing it this year,” another remarked.

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