MAFS' Tahnee defends Dom Calarco amid Liam Cooper feud: 'Upsetting'

EXCLUSIVE: The Married At First Sight bride has spoken out about the recent drama.

Married At First Sights Tahnee Cook has officially broken her silence and shared her side of the story after she recently found herself involved in the drama between former cast members Liam Cooper and Domenica Calarco at a Sydney WorldPride event.

Tahnee, Liam and Dom all attended the Minus18 Rainbow Formal in Sydney last week and had a run-in that exploded on social media that night and has since continued.

MAFS’ Tahnee Cook and Domenica Calarco.
MAFS’ Tahnee Cook has defended Domenica Calarco after Liam Cooper called her ‘the rudest c**t’ he’s ever met at an event last week. Photo: Supplied

Liam, who appeared on the eighth season of the reality show and was MAFS’ first openly bisexual groom, called out last year’s outspoken bride Dom on his Instagram Story and accused her of “high school bullying behaviour”.

He shared a video calling her “the rudest c**t” he’s ever met and later did a tell-all interview with So Dramatic! sharing further details about the incident. Liam claimed Dom had interrupted the conversation he and his co-star Beth Moore were having with Tahnee mid-way through, put her back to them and forced them out of the group.


Dom has since addressed the claims and told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she was “shocked and dumbfounded” hearing Liam’s story.

“I don’t know if he expects an apology from me but obviously I apologise if I made him feel a certain way, that was definitely not my intention,” she said. “That was not how I saw the situation at all.”

MAFS’ Liam Cooper and Domenica Calarco.
Dom said she was ‘shocked and dumbfounded’ hearing Liam’s version of events. Photos: Channel Nine / Instagram/domenica.calarco

Tahnee shares her side of the story

Now, Tahnee has weighed in on the drama and told Yahoo Lifestyle her version of events, admitting she was “in complete shock” when she saw what Liam had said about Dom.

“Dom was not rude, in my opinion,” she says. “What happened was [Liam and Beth] came over to me, and I’m not trying to be shady, but they interrupted a conversation I was having with one of my girlfriends and another friend. It was fine, I had no issues.

“They tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around and they were so lovely. I was kind of chatting about my experience on the show and theirs because I had seen bits and pieces of their season.”


Tahnee explains that she had been speaking with Liam and Beth “for a good amount of time” when Dom came over and said hello.

“I had a lot of mutual friends with her and I’d been talking with her for a while via message but I hadn’t actually seen her face-to-face in ages,” she details. “She was so excited, she came in and hugged me and she was like, ‘Oh my god it’s a MAFS reunion!’, and she was nice!

“And then we were obviously getting carried away talking and they were like, ‘Oh we’ll let you guys go’ and they left.”

MAFS’ Tahnee Cook.
Tahnee says it was ‘upsetting and quite surprising’ to see what Liam had said about Dom. Photo: Channel Nine

'Upsetting and quite surprising'

Tahnee went on to share that she believes the narrative that Beth and Liam were treated rudely or “bullied” by Dom “has been taken too far”.

“It’s just not the experience I had, so it was upsetting and quite surprising to hear,” she says. “However, I can see from their perspective, you know, it’s a loud event, we’re all talking and getting really excited and they may have felt anxious and overwhelmed.

“I can see where they’re coming from in the sense they felt a little bit left out - which was obviously not our intention to exclude people. I think we were just getting carried away with our chat, and I felt like it was kind of a natural end of the conversation anyway.

“But look, I love Beth, I think she’s an incredible woman, she’s really kind and sweet. I think Liam may have gotten a bit carried away with the drama and I felt he was harsh by calling Dom a bully and derogatory names. I personally would have reached out to someone directly to share my thoughts and feelings rather than blast them on social media.”

She continues: “Dom and I were so confused and couldn’t believe he was referring to the interaction we had. It feels like we need cameras everywhere to document things that actually happen because I was shook!”

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