EXCLUSIVE: The Block 2024 drama continues as producers left 'blindsided' by huge problem

It comes after the Blue Team decided to leave just six weeks into shooting.

The Block 2024 has had its fair share of issues, with Yahoo Lifestyle recently reporting one of the teams has already pulled out of the competition six weeks into shooting the show.

Jesse and Paige from the Blue Team from Western Australia apparently decided to pull the pin as they buckled under the stress of the high-pressure environment.

The Block's Scott Cam
The Block 2024 drama has continued as producers were left 'blindsided' by a huge problem after a team left the show. Photo: Nine

"They seemed fine," a source tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "Obviously the production crew had noted there had been more tears with Jesse and Paige (with some of the outcomes) - but the 'welfare team' felt that their behaviour was pretty standard with every season up until this point."

The source continued, "None of the other teams had noticed anything too unusual and everyone was left gobsmacked when the Western Australian team fled Phillip Island" adding that it left Channel Nine scrambling for a replacement team.


"Producers felt blindsided by their decision to quit. It certainly wasn't on their bingo card when they cast the season," the insider adds. This was supposed to be the wholesome, back-to-basics season of The Block, which viewers had been crying out for."

Up until this point, our show insider confirmed that this season was less about the drama between the houses and more about the drama of building a house — a change in pace from last year's controversy-filled season.

The Block 2024 teams
The Block 2024 teams, Jesse and Paige pictured on the far left. Photo: Facebook

However, a huge issue that has never happened on The Block surfaced as the replacement team turned up.

According to the insider, Maddie and Charlotte, the new members of the Blue Team, hated the work that had been completed on their allocated house. This created a huge drama with a massive decision to make—do you continue with the old team's theme or do you disregard it? Our source tells us it's a conundrum that had everyone scratching their heads.


"The look and feel of House One, up until week six, was a fairly bland seaside escape concept — a Hamptons aesthetic," the insider reveals.

However, Maddie and Charlotte were uninspired by Jesse and Paige's work and wanted a grand Colonial theme, "which the girls did not want to back down on".

"Maddie and Charlotte are hoping they will be allowed to re-do the rooms that now look out of place but a decision on how that might happen is still unconfirmed."

"No one has been able to confirm what the hell is going to happen with these two themes clashing and in all honesty something will need to be done if this house has a hope in hell of winning."

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