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The new TV technology that's designed to change your viewing experience

A cutting edge interface will streamline your TV viewing.

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of choice on streaming services, you're not alone. Fifty-five per cent of consumers feel overwhelmed with the number of streaming services available, and 44 per cent feel frustrated when they have to switch between different apps for different services, according to one survey. That's not to mention the twenty-six per cent of us who spend more than 10 minutes searching for something we actually want to watch.

Now there's a new TV technology that is designed to take the frustration out of streaming. Hubbl brings together eligible paid and free streaming entertainment in a cutting-edge, easy-to-use interface, so you don't have to swap in and out of apps to find the show you want to watch.

Hubbl interface
Hubbl is an easy to use interface that brings together paid and free streaming entertainment. Photo: Supplied

You can create personalised watchlists in one place, as well as see all your participating subscriptions in one view. Plus, it gives you the freedom to add, pause and restart streaming apps any time.

You can search across eligible streaming apps and free-to-air TV channels in one go using voice or text, and you can "stack" those streaming apps and save money; the more you stack the more you save.

Designed specifically for Australia, Hubbl has been making waves in the entertainment world, with influencers such as Tilly Oddy-Black attending the launch party.


Hubbl, $99, is a small device that plugs into any compatible TV. Delivered via a world-leading entertainment operating system, it allows you to watch free-to-air TV with or without an aerial, plus an integrated TV guide inside the user interface.

The premium product is Hubbl Glass, from $1595, which gives an elevated entertainment experience. Alongside the user interface, Hubbl Glass has six powerful speakers built in and a rich 4K Ultra HD display.

All designed to fuse your streaming, sport and TV into a single experience, you'll never have to use more than one app again.

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