The Block 2024: Former cast members 'begging for a second chance' after shock exit

The Blue Team from Western Australia left the show after just five weeks of filming.

The Block 2024 producers have found themselves having to re-cast in the wake of one team leaving the renovation series just five weeks into filming. The Western Australian Blue Team shockingly decided not to finish their home and have removed themselves from the 20th Anniversary season of the hit show with an insider exclusively confirming to Yahoo Lifestyle that the couple were "definitely not kicked off the show" and that the decision had been "on their own accord."

Insiders have now confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that "the decision was not made lightly but has thrown a few spanners in the works down in Phillip Island."

The Blue Team and Scott Cam
The Blue Team left The Block of their own accord, just five weeks into filming. Credit: Channel Nine/Facebook

"As soon as producers realised these guys were out - the decisions on who could replace them started and there were a few options discussed," one source said from the set of the upcoming series.


They continued, "They always have teams on standby and while they try and cast contestants robust enough to finish the 12-week shoot, Channel Nine knows life happens and that their participants might buckle under the pressure of the show."

Indeed, it was only two years ago that we saw a NSW couple leave after 48 hours.

"To replace Joel Patfull and Elle Ferguson, it was turned around in 24 hours," the source said of the couple who left due to Joel's mother suffering a serious injury. "We had another Sydney couple Rachel and Ryan on site faster than audiences would expect - we only called them on the Saturday and they were in the Macedon Ranges by the Monday.

Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull
Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull left The Block 2022 after just 48 hours due to a family emergency. Credit: Instagram/elle_ferguson

"They had been so close to being on the show anyway and were delighted to be called in at the last minute."

The source also revealed that a few of last year's contestants had been calling up the "top dogs" at Nine to replace the Blue Team but producers thought it was too soon. "We wouldn't bring someone back a year later," the insider said. "The contestants need time to cool off."


Sources close to Channel Nine confirmed multiple houses from last year reached out to network executives begging for a second chance on the renovations show. Which would have been a nice redemption story for, say, Kristy and Brett or Leah and Ash. Or even Leslie and Kyle could have made sense being from W.A. themselves.

However, it was two girls from Sydney who quickly jumped at the chance to finish House One, with new teammates Maddy and Charlotte being seen over the last week and rumoured to be a great addition to the cast.

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