The Block's Kristy reveals surprising strategy if she returns for season 20

'It’s not going to be a crowd favourite this answer...'

The Block’s Kristy Beames has shared how she would change her strategy if she was going to return to the reality show in 2024.

The upcoming twentieth season of The Block is rumoured to feature an all-star cast of returning contestants, including a team from the recent season.

The Block’s Kristy and Brett.
The Block’s Kristy Beames says she would change her strategy if she returns for season 20. Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she would definitely do the show again if she was contacted by the producers, but she would switch up her game plan.

“It’s not going to be a crowd favourite this answer, but I would call more things out to camera as I see them,” she admits. “I would speak a lot more to the camera about s**t that I'm seeing because they can’t capture every minute of every day.

“And hey, that might cause more conflict but have at it. Let's do another year of hate! I’m for it, let’s do it.”


After copping heavy backlash on social media throughout the entire season, Kristy adds she has “nothing to lose” by going on The Block a second time.

“When we were on the show and we were filming, that was a hoot,” she says. “Despite those articles that said we made production cry - bulls**t.

“We loved them, we still keep in contact with most of them, and that was one of the most fun parts about being on The Block - just the people. I would do it just to hang out with them every single day for three months.”

The Block's Kristy and Brett at the auction.
Kristy says she has ‘nothing to lose’ by going on The Block a second time. Photo: Channel Nine

How Kristy and Brett's auction affects the future of The Block

Kristy isn’t afraid to admit that she and her husband Brett went on The Block intending to “stir the pot”, and they were prepared to receive backlash within online fan groups for the reality show.

However, they never anticipated viewers from all around the world would contact them directly with hateful messages and troll their personal social media profiles.

“I still can't wrap my head around the fact that people would take something so personally from what they see on an edited reality TV show,” she shares, adding with a laugh, “Each to their own, everyone’s gotta have a hobby I guess!

“A lot of things on the show we said with sarcasm. If you take away the laugh before or the laugh after and have no context to it, it just looks so dry and brutal. But Brett and I are very sarcastic and we don’t take anything seriously.”

Kristy adds that she “100 per cent” believes the ‘edit’ had an impact on how auction sales went as she and Brett walked away with $65,000 while Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty became instant millionaires.

“The whole journey played out exactly how we expected it to, from the beginning to end,” she remarks.

“It was a lot of highs, a lot of lows, and the whole thing was a rollercoaster. And I think potentially it could change the way people act going forward because if the auctions said anything it was to be happy, be friends with everyone, don’t have your say, don't have an opinion, just sit there and go with the flow.”

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