The Block's Kristy finally reveals how she and Leah mended their friendship

EXCLUSIVE: Kristy breaks her silence on her ‘rollercoaster’ friendship with Leah.

The Block’s Kristy Beames and Leah Milton had one of the most tumultuous friendships ever seen on the reality show, going from best friends to sworn enemies in a matter of weeks.

What left viewers especially confused was the fact that they ended the filming experience not speaking to each other, only to return for the Open For Inspections Day a few months later looking closer than ever.

The Block’s Kristy and Leah pretending to punch one another.
The Block’s Kristy has finally opened up about her tumultuous friendship with Leah. Photos: Channel Nine

Kristy has now finally opened up about her friendship with Leah and how they reconnected after filming the show, telling Yahoo Lifestyle the entire experience was “quite a rollercoaster”.

“We just clicked off the bat and I think that came from the human side of things,” she shares. “We got along really well, we had the same sense of humour, all of those sorts of things.”


While quite a few contestants claimed on the show that House 2 and House 3 were “excluding” the other teams in the process of growing their friendship, Kristy says this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I’m not having that one bit,” she remarks. “We tried to include everyone, but the thing was for us, we were very big on unwinding and enjoying the experience.

“We’d order in, we’d have all our trades over, we’d watch the footy, we’d do this, we’d do that. We were about enjoying the experience that we were currently living in, but everybody else just stuck in their house.

“That being said, Steph and Gian [Ottavio] did come out a little bit here and there, but essentially everybody sat inside. Meanwhile, we were just like, let's have a few drinks, and I think that's probably why we were tightest with our build teams because we actually invested the time in enjoying the experience. It wasn't excluding people.”

The Block 2023 cast posing for a group selfie.
Kristy says she and Leah never actively excluded their co-stars during filming. Photo: Channel Nine

How Kristy and Leah patched things up

Kristy and Leah’s fast friendship came crumbling down halfway through the competition when Leah confronted Kristy and said she had “crossed the line” with her behaviour towards the other contestants.

“I took that as very disloyal and I took a lot of offence to that. Especially in those environments, you've only got loyalty,” Kristy explains.

“So that was that and after that huge fight I was just a little bit like, ‘Okay, well you need to do this to clear your name, whatever’. And then I was just like, ‘You’re literally dead to me’. Then we continued out the season and it was just a little bit hostile and everybody was a little bit uncomfortable because if I was in the room then she couldn’t and vice versa.”

It wasn’t until after their houses were completed and the show had finished filming before the auction that Leah reached out to Kristy in an attempt to mend their friendship.

“It was a month after the show that me and Leah just kind of had a chat and we were just like, ‘Look, let's just pack it in’,” she details, adding with a laugh, “She came to me, obviously, because I never give in.

“She kind of said, ‘Look, I think we should put it aside, we’re out of this bubble’. And we were out of the bubble and it didn't mean as much anymore because we had gone back to our lives and the novelty of The Block had kind of worn out because we finished filming. So we were like, why not?”

The Block’s Kristy and Leah.
‘I think that we’re closer now than we were in the show.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy addresses podcast rumours with Leah

When the series eventually started airing in August, Kristy says she and Leah were so thankful to have each other for support as they both copped heavy backlash and criticism online.

“We actually needed each other more than ever because we were living the same experience that the other contestants weren’t with all the hate and the backlash,” she shares.

“So we actually really leant on each other through that time, be that million phone calls a day or whatever be the case, just to be able to get through and navigate a really weird and f**ked up thing that we were living through that no one necessarily understands.

“I think that we’re closer now than we were in the show.”


As for what’s next for the duo, it was recently reported that two major podcast production companies had been “circling the girls” to get them signed up for a project together.

While Kristy admits she would love for that to be true, the pair don’t actually have any joint ventures locked in at the moment.

“That would’ve been really fun. I'm all for that idea, but I think we both have two different directions of what the future holds,” she says.

“So maybe, but let's just say we haven't bought any mikes or anything so everyone can calm the f**k down,” she laughs.

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