The Block's Steph speaks out about returning to the show next year

EXCLUSIVE: Steph Ottavio addresses speculation she will appear on The Block in 2024.

With production for next year’s season of The Block currently underway in Phillip Island, fans have begun to share who they would like to see as a judge on the renovation reality series.

One name being thrown around on social media is Steph Ottavio, who not only won this year’s season alongside her husband Gian with their highly-praised Japandi-themed home but was also the first registered architect to compete on the show.

The Block’s Steph and Gian Ottavio.
The Block’s Steph Ottavio has responded to speculation that she will be returning to the show in 2024 as a judge. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about potentially returning to The Block in 2024, Steph says it’s lovely that fans think she'd be a great judge but she would never want to take someone else’s job.

“I would love to come back on more of like a consultant level to chat with the contestants and help them achieve what they need to achieve when they get to judging,” she shares.

“I feel like that's where you should start. I don't think it's fair for me to be a judge straight away, I think that I need to earn a few more stripes to then be on a panel of such an esteemed cohort of judges.”


While the judging panel is yet to be announced for the upcoming twentieth season of The Block, it has been rumoured that a team from this year’s season of the reality show will be among the cast.

When asked if they would ever want to compete for a second time after winning $1.75 million on the show this year, Steph and Gian say they definitely aren’t opposed to the idea.

“I reflect back to The Block and that was genuinely the best experience of my life,” Gian remarks. “Steph and I had never been in a position where we could both have 110 per cent laser focus on the same goal and work with people that were always trying to bring the best out of us and for that we'll be forever grateful for The Block for giving us that opportunity.

“Nothing is off the table, and it goes beyond just the financial benefit. People say, ‘Oh you won so much money on The Block’, but it’s more than the financial benefit that you get from The Block. It’s what comes with the entire experience.”

The Block’s Steph and Gian Ottavio wearing hi-vis.
Gian describes his time on The Block as the best experience of his life. Photo: Channel Nine

Steph and Gian's advice for the 2024 cast

After winning season 19, Steph says her biggest piece of advice for any of the upcoming contestants would be to enter the experience with an open mind.

“I went in with a real clear vision on what I thought and I put a lot of expectation on how things were going to be, but I think you need to be open-minded,” she details.

“Know that it's an unfamiliar, unbelievable experience, but it will be the best experience that you will ever have. Just be open to anything, all the challenges, and the growth that you find in that area of uncertainty is amazing.”


Gian adds that no matter who you are or what level of skills you have before going on The Block, nothing can prepare you for the show because it is such a unique experience.

“My only piece of advice to any contestant would be to be vulnerable and be real,” he says. “Don’t think that you need to be a certain way going onto a show because of your age, your occupation, what you've done in the past. You need to literally just lean into the magic that is The Block.

“Because if you're telling Steph and I that we would have built rooms to the quality that we had in a week going into The Block, I would have said you’re absolutely dreaming. But look at what we did in 12 weeks, and look what everyone did in 12 weeks. Unless you're leaning into that magic that is The Block, it's impossible.”

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