The Block's Kyle and Leslie call out Leah and Kristy's 'disappointing' edit

EXCLUSIVE: The season 19 favourites are sticking up for their co-stars.

The Block’s Kyle and Leslie Cottone have defended their co-stars Leah Milton and Kristy Beames and described their negative portrayal on the reality show as “disappointing”.

The fan-favourite couple tell Yahoo Lifestyle that when there’s so much footage captured during filming, it’s easy for producers to “steer the audience in a certain direction” that doesn’t necessarily showcase someone’s entire personality.

The Block’s Kyle and Leslie / Kristy and Leah.
The Block’s Kyle and Leslie have defended their co-stars Kristy and Leah after they received a negative portrayal on the show. Photos: Channel Nine

“Upon reflection, I do feel bad for Kristy and Leah because we spent so much time with them that we really got an opportunity to see their whole personality and who they are, and they themselves really balanced themselves out,” Kyle shares.

The father-of-two explains that although Leah had moments during the show where she was “so off the charts”, she was also someone he could have a laugh with and enjoy a “genuine D&M conversation” with.


“Getting to experience both sides of that, you sort of land somewhere in the middle. But as an audience, if you're just watching the heightened Leah, then you're not going to land in the middle,” he details. “Either you're going to love her because you think she's hilarious or you’re not because you think it's too much.

“It's disappointing that you don't get an opportunity to see everyone from their full spectrum of personality, but you can't put that into a 40-minute episode so I get that. There’s just so much that happens in a week and to then condense that down to four days and still continue the most interesting storyline of that week, you've got to leave some things on the cutting room floor.”

The Block 2023 cast wearing hi-vis.
Kyle believes he and Leslie were cast on season 19 to ‘balance out’ some of the bigger personalities. Photo: Channel Nine

'We just played to our role almost naturally'

Speaking about their own 'edit' on the reality show, Kyle believes the way he and Leslie were portrayed is fairly similar to how they are in real life.

“We’re not overly confrontational, but we’ll still give an opinion when asked,” he says.

“Now that I've watched it back, I think we were on the show to balance out some of those other bigger personalities and that was sort of our role and we just played to our role almost naturally. Obviously, there were relationships that we formed with a lot of people that didn't necessarily get shown a lot and a lot of things that we did that weren't shown.”

Leslie adds that what was aired on TV was “enough for people to get our dynamic and understand who we are”.

“People watch you for three months and so they start this storyline for each couple, essentially,” she shares. “So I guess overall people really could see what we were like as a couple and how we got through stressful situations.”

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