The Block 2023: See all the photos from inside Eliza and Liberty's house

After a tough week of backyard judging, Eliza and Liberty closed out The Block very strong.

After months of hard work, Eliza and Liberty delivered a beautiful home on The Block 2023 and managed to come second overall, selling their house for a massive $4,300,000. The pair walked away with a profit of $1,050,000.

While Eliza was speechless following House 5’s auction, Liberty told Yahoo Lifestyle they “need a holiday ASAP”.

The sisters said they hadn’t spent any money in their heads as they had no idea how their auction would go. However, they now plan on buying expensive handbags, putting a deposit on separate houses and going on a joint holiday with Steph and Gian to Italy.

Eliza and Liberty stand smiling side by side in front of a white wall.
Eliza and Liberty took home a whopping $1,050,000 in profit. Credit: Channel Nine

“We have spent way too much time together but the show has bonded us in ways we didn’t imagine,” Liberty said.

Take a look at their finished product, week-by-week, below.

Week 12 - Front yard and facade

After a really hard week of judging during backyard week, Eliza and Liberty really rallied to complete their home. Despite running into some budget issues with their builder, the girls managed to finish off strong. The narrow walkway to the front door was a point of contention for the judges, however, they loved the overall feel of their completed house.

Points: 34.5

Judges comments:

“How incredible is that garage door” - Marty.

“That arbor matches with the garage door… their brick front fence here is probably one of the best front fences on The Block this year” - Dave.

“Come auction time, this is going to be the perfect time when it’s flowering” - Dave on the cherry tree.

“They will struggle to figure out where the entry is” - Marty.

“They’ve got the Porsche on the wall, I’m sold” - Marty.

“That’s unexpected!” - Shaynna on their front entrance.

“Especially going down a narrow pathway and then you’re elevated to this! Pure privacy” - Shaynna.

“This is a big family home” - Marty.

“Space is so key, the bigger families to have this type of square meterage, this is pretty hard to beat as well” - Marty.

“I’m absolutely in love with this detail” - Darren on their staircase.

A shot of the arbor at the front of the house and the garage on the left and grass on the right.
Eliza and Liberty's completed front yard. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of the staircase on the left and a mirror on the right.
Eliza and Liberty's staircase. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 11 - Backyard and pool

Eliza and Liberty had the smallest backyard on The Block this year. The sisters decided to concrete part of their backyard and keep the rest of it quite simple. They both walked away really happy with the space, but the judges, however, did not like it. Scoring the lowest of all the teams, the judges didn’t have anything positive to say about the girls’ backyard.

Points: 27

Spend: $55,893

Judges comments:

“I don’t like it” - Marty on the concrete.

“The frames are so beautiful, but having this very industrial look… The colours that we have here would have really warranted a warmer finish” - Shaynna.

“They could have elevated it with a different pool tile as well” - Shaynna.

“Not much has actually gone into thinking about personality and marketability and what will actually pull on the heartstrings of a buyer up around this price point” - Marty.

“That should be the standout, knockout shot… unfortunately this isn’t the shot that’s going to sell the house” - Darren on the studio door.

“Two aluminium chairs sitting there that don’t work” - Shaynna.

“Even the planting itself looks like it’s been pushed in…” Dave.

“Buyers will walk in here and really mark it harshly and it will turn them off” - Marty.

“Unfortunately in my mind, they didn't even need to concrete that” - Shaynna.

“Everything that I’m looking at is hard and angular and structured… there really isn’t a lot of softness or tactility in here” - Darren.

“I had high hopes for this space too”- Darren on the BBQ space.

“I feel like I’m standing in a shed… I don’t want to sit here and eat… This for me is a disaster” - Marty on the BBQ space.

A wide shot of the backyard with the pool on the right, a seating area on the left and a concrete area at the back.
Eliza and Liberty backyard was a bit miss for the judges. Credit: Channel Nine
The concrete area with a table and chairs and lounges, opening out to the rest of the backyard.
Eliza and Liberty's use of concrete was the biggest issue for the judges. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 10 - Upstairs bathroom and redo room

While completing their last bathroom, the girls decided to redo their studio from back in week two. After receiving some very harsh feedback on the studio, they were determined to make some improvements, and boy did they ever!

The judges were massive fans of both of their rooms this week, earning them the win.

Points: 27.5

Spend: $28,664

Judges comments:

“Awesome” - Darren.

“I feel such a sense of relief right now” - Shaynna.

“Everything they’ve fixed in here, is fixed. They’ve done a great job, it’s as simple as spinning this sofa, turn some things around.. So that when they do their marketing shots they get that poolside dream cabana look” - Darren.

“How good is that floor” - Shaynna on the tiles in the bathroom.

“Sophisticated kids for sure, this will grow with them. I like it” - Shaynna.

“We have green, terracotta, dusty mint, brass… they got it” - Darren.

“It’s this beautiful connection to the exterior, and it feels really welcoming and joyful” - Shaynna.

“I’m not loving this bathroom” - Neale.

“The things that they’ve put in here to make it feel childlike I dont think are working” - Neale.

“I think it’s really sweet that we have this sort of mint green here in the styling that ties in with the mint green here in the basins” - Darren.

“All I want to do is pull out the styling items and say ‘Eliza, Liberty, please, forget it’”- Neale.

“Everything that’s installed… is fabulous” - Darren.

A wide shot of the studio with a floral wallpaper a couch in the middle and small kitchen on the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's studio was a big hit among the judges. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the bathroom with a vanity on the left, a bath on the far wall and textured tiles
Eliza and Liberty's upstairs bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 9 - Kids bedrooms

After tying for first, the girls wanted to back it up again. This week their view was ‘end-game’ and they really wanted their two rooms to be adaptable and to be able to accommodate change depending on the buyers' needs.

The girls also pulled at the judges’ heartstrings with a beautiful piece of artwork from a young leukemia sufferer named Novalie who they met during the week.

Points: 26.5

Spend: $13,217

Judges comments:

“It’s just insanely nice” - Shaynna.

“A room with heart” - Shaynna.

“They’ve really created something that feels elevated and sophisticated” - Darren.

“How sweet is that” - Shaynna on the wallpaper in their second room.

“You know what else I’m seeing in here again, cost-saving… I just think it’s really clever” - Darren.

“This really feels like an anchored, cosy, kids' bedroom” - Marty.

“It’s going to be very hard to go past house five on auction day” - Darren.

A wide shot of the room with a double bed in the middle, jungle themed wallpaper behind it, and a chalkboard on the left.
Eliza and Liberty's kids' bedrooms. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of the bed with a yellow and white doona cover, a window on the far wall and a treehouse mural on the wallpaper.
The wallpaper in this room was a huge hit. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 8 - Master Ensuite

It was a second winning week in a row for Eliza and Liberty. While encountering some drama with fellow contestants Kristy and Brett, these two have hit their stride on The Block and gelled really well with their new builders, earning themselves another $10,000.

Points: 28

Spend: $29,662

Judges comments:

“This is pretty spectacular, I love the palette, I love the tiles” - Marty.

“This is beautifully done, this is a really really beautiful bathroom” - Darren.

“I love the fact that we have a tile grate at the end… there’s a lot to love like the basins, the vanity, the amount of storage” - Shaynna.

“This is a really lovely, beautiful, balanced and harmonious materials palette, and again it’s a layout that you can’t fault” - Darren.

“This bathroom warms your soul, it’s that good” - Marty.

A wide shot of the bathroom with a vanity on the left, a double shower on the far wall and towel rack on the right.
Eliza and Liberty's ensuite was a massive hit with the judges. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of the vanity, with black cupboards and mirrors, with the shower on the right.
Eliza and Liberty's ensuite. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 7 - Kitchen and Laundry

Eliza and Liberty had an ‘empowering’ week and after some hard truths from Scott Cam himself, the girls decided to change their team up and introduce some new builders.

Their bold and brave choices this week definitely paid off in the judges’ eyes. The overall flow of their rooms and aesthetic choices were a massive hit.

Points: 29+1


Judges comments:

“Look at that orange oven!” - Neale.

“This is the correct way to do an island bench” - Darren.

“This is incredible… We’ve got a bar, double fridge, storage for days” - Shaynna.

“You’ve got everything you need and pretty much where you want it” - Neale.

“They’ve taken butler’s pantry in here really back to what butler’s pantries were originally, a pit stop to put things out of sight” - Neale.

A shot of the kitchen, with the orange stove and range hood on the left and kitchen island on the right.
Eliza and Liberty's kitchen. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of shelves with pantry items on them and draws beneath them
Eliza and Liberty's butler's pantry. Credit: Channel Nine
Cupboard and shelves on the left and a washer and dryer stacked above each other on the right.
Eliza and Liberty's laundry. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 6 - Master bedroom and walk-in robe

Eliza and Liberty described this week as ‘confronting’ and the orientation of their master bedroom threw them off. But the ladies’ floor plan proved to be a winner for the judges. They did note however, they were hoping the girls would experiment a bit more with their colour palette.

Points: 23

Spend: $23,952

Judge’s comments:

“That artwork, that’s hot” - Shaynna.

“They do need to think outside of the palette of entural, white, rust and blue because that’s literally in every single room we’ve seen thus far” - Darren.

“Buyers will look at this floor plan and I don’t think they’re going to be able to fault it… They may not win a room but it doesn’t mean that they cannot win The Block” - Marty.

A wide shot of the room with the bed on a blue rug, and a window to the right. A painting is on the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's master bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot down the centre of the walk-in robe with shelving and cupboard doors on either side.
Eliza and Liberty's walk-in robe. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 5: Living and Dining

The week was ‘shattering’ for Liberty and Eliza, and ‘overwhelm’ seemed to be a common theme for them. With emotions running so high for the week and the girls were not expecting a whole lot of love from the judges, but to their surprise the rooms were a big hit for the three of them.

Points: 27

Spend: $37,706

Judge’s comments:

“A perfect, elegant, contemporary dining space” - Neale.

“This is a perfect, but timeless dining space” - Neale.”

“It is so connected to the lounge room… I’m actually blown away” - Shaynna.

“This space is probably one of the most sophisticated spaces they’ve done thus far” - Darren.

“This is the most generous floorplan we’ve seen today” - Darren.

A wide shot of a living room, with a fireplace in the middle, a large sofa and tv against the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's living space. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the dining room,  a dining table in the centre on a rug and a colourful painting on the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's dining room. Credit: Channel Nine

The Block's Eliza and Liberty were taking on the largest downstairs bathroom for the week and the only one with a bath. However, it was the moss wall that was the biggest talking point. While the judges felt the bathroom itself was near perfect, Marty went so far as to label the moss wall a 'sheer disaster.'

Week 4: Downstairs Bathroom

Points: 25

Spend: $37,409

Judges comments:

"What is that... I am not grabbing that whatsoever"- Shaynna.

"I just don't understand it, I can't get my head around it" - Marty.

"It's not just the moss, I'm actually feeling quite a lot of things wrong with the functionality of this space" - Shaynna.

"It's growing on me... acoustically it has benefits, it filters the air" - Darren.

Wide shot of the bathroom, the moss wall over the vanity, bath to the right.
Eliza and Liberty's moss walk wasn't a hit with Marty and Shaynna. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot with the window and bath below it.
Eliza and Liberty's downstairs bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 3: Work From Home

Points: 22.5

Spend: $23,670

Judges comments:

"It is an improvement from what we saw last week" - Darren.

"I feel like they've listened to the feedback and walking in here it does have a really nice feel" - Marty.

"You have to think about the story you are trying to tell, not just with the room but with each area within the room" - Shaynna.

A shot of the bed to the left and the open wardrobes.
The judges were glad the girls were listening to their feedback this week. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the room with a desk to the left, a bed and a painting above it.
Eliza and Liberty's work from home space. Credit: Channel Nine


Week 2: Guest Bedroom

Points: 21.5

Spend: $19,357

Judges comments:

"Pool appropriate flooring, pool adjacent space, it's a living space but also you can sleep in, with office space so you can run a business or work from home..." - Darren.

"The finesse and the styling it seems very juvenile" - Marty on their wallpaper choice.

"Are they throwing the kitchen sink in here?" - Shaynna.

"I think the styling is so bad that had it had been empty I would have been happier" - Marty.

A wide shot of the room, a rug and couch, table in the centre and back wall.
The judges were not a fan of the wallpaper in here. Credit: Channel Nine
Eliza and Liberty pose with their arms out in front of the door and table.
Eliza and Liberty's guest bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
Reads 'The Block 2023' with vector images of tools on a yellow background with headshots of Scott Cam and Shelley Craft.
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Week 1: Guest Bathroom

Points: 23

Spend: $26,022

Judges comments:

"Love that [the tiles], that wall tile just lets the floor tile sing and I think it's a really super good choice" - Darren.

"The feeling in here is divine and it's got to do with the beautiful colour palette, the very soft contemporary feel this is, which is think is gorgeous" - Shaynna.

A close up of the vanity and open cupboard above it.
The judges loved the feeling and colour palette of this room. Credit: Channel Nine
Another close up of the vanity and mirror.
Eliza and Liberty's guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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