The Block's Kristy says she has TV and radio deals 'banging down her door'

EXCLUSIVE: Kristy Beames spills on what’s next for her after reality TV.

Despite receiving backlash online, Kirsty Beames has no plans to leave the spotlight following her controversial stint on The Block.

The reality star, who was portrayed as the ‘villain’ in last year’s season alongside her husband Brett, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she has received multiple TV and radio opportunities since the show ended in November.

The Block’s Kristy Beames.
The Block’s Kristy says she’s received multiple TV and radio opportunities since the show ended. Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy explains that while she never expected anything to come from her appearance on reality TV, “conversations are happening” about future projects.

“We never needed anything from the show and we're not going to jump through hoops for $10k or any sort of brand deal. We earn good money and don't want to live our lives as monkeys dancing for a dollar,” she says.

“Because we're not those sorts of people and that's not the platform you get from a villain, the TV shows and radio deals kind of just came banging down our doors because we are going to call you out. So we're high in value for that sort of stuff, but not necessarily the, ‘Hey we're going to give you a bag and want you to post 10 posts about it’. Because to be honest, I'd probably be pretty f**king bad at that.”


Kristy went on to assert that she and Brett weren’t unhappy with their life before going on The Block and there wouldn’t be an issue if they had to return to that, but they're open to a career change.

“I go between simple life and going back to normal life, and then an opportunity comes and I'm like, ‘Ooh, I could be persuaded’,” she laughs.

“We're in contract until August [with Nine] and we're just going to invest the money that we won. We got an Airbnb that we purchased and we're going to be doing those sorts of things unless something comes up that is entertaining.

“I do have something and I can't give up too much, some exciting sort of stuff that's going to be coming around the villain side of things. So yeah, I'm pretty excited about that.”

The Block’s Brett and Kristy Beames.
Kristy teases she has something exciting coming up ‘around the villain side of things’. Photo: Channel Nine

Kristy addresses podcast rumours with Leah

It was recently reported that two major podcast production companies had been “circling” Kristy and her co-star Leah Milton to get them signed up for a project together.

While Kristy admits she would love for that to be true, the pair don’t actually have any joint ventures locked in at the moment.

“That would’ve been really fun. I'm all for that idea, but I think we both have two different directions of what the future holds,” she says.

“So maybe, but let's just say we haven't bought any mikes or anything so everyone can calm the f**k down,” she adds with a laugh.

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