MAFS spoiler: Photos prove whether Jesse and Claire are still together

EXCLUSIVE: Snaps from the upcoming reunion seemingly reveal the couple's fate.

Married At First Sight’s Jesse Burford and Claire Nomarhas appear to have completely turned their relationship around over the past two weeks following Claire's cheating scandal with Adam Seed.

The 31-year-old bride had organised a series of dates to show her husband how much she cared about him, including a trip to the squash courts and a visit to a music shop, and they ended up being one of the strongest pairs at the recent couples retreat.

MAFS’ Jesse and Claire at the dinner party.
MAFS’ Jesse and Claire have managed to turn their relationship around following the cheating scandal. Photo: Channel Nine

However, it doesn’t look like the relationship between the marriage celebrant and the kindergarten assistant will last much longer.

Photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show the pair arriving separately to film the reunion in December, seemingly proving a split will be imminent on the show.


Jesse is seen dressed in an all-blue ensemble with a floral shirt, dark pants, and a bright blue jacket, and his long hair is styled down around his face.

Meanwhile, Claire is wearing a one-shoulder purple sequinned mini-dress with silver heart-shaped earrings and bright red lipstick.

MAFS’ Jesse and Claire arriving at the reunion separately.
Snaps from the upcoming reunion show Jesse and Claire arriving separately. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Claire’s matching tattoo

This comes after it was revealed that Claire got matching tattoos with a number of her season 10 co-stars during filming which wasn’t shown on TV.

Lyndall Grace told Yahoo Lifestyle that a few of the brides, including Claire, Bronte Schofield and Sandy Jawanda, decided to get inked with matching Roman numbers tattoos after meeting at the very start of the season.

“When we went to the hens’ night we all got along really well, most of us are really progressive and everyone was like, we should all get little ‘X’ tattoos for season 10, we’re 10 women, we’re all 10s,” she detailed.


“I know that not all of the women were comfortable getting a tattoo but that's the story behind it, just that we all want to be our best selves. And season 10, it’s something that we'll have together forever and hopefully it empowered a few of them as well.”

Bronte shared a photo of her forearm tattoo on Instagram last month following the dinner party where Clare’s secret kiss with Adam Seed was revealed.

“I got my ‘X’ tattoo with @cforclaire_ which represents ’10' for 10 women who all have big personalities, who all deserve love and who choose to back what they feel is right,” she wrote. “She made a mistake - this does not make it her identity! Proud of you Claire.”

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