MAFS' Jesse shocks viewers with X-rated act on retreat: 'Screaming'

The Married At First Sight groom left little to the imagination.

Married At First Sight's quirky groom Jesse Burford left viewers stunned during Monday night’s episode when he performed an X-rated act in front of his co-stars at the couples retreat.

The 30-year-old marriage celebrant, whose relationship with Claire Nomarhas is currently the strongest it’s ever been, chose to strip off after playing tennis and did a nudie run through the garden.

MAFS' Jesse Burford running naked / Claire Nomarhas looking shocked.
MAFS’ Jesse Burford shocked his co-stars when he did a nudie run at the couples retreat. Photos: Channel Nine

MAFS season 10!” he screamed as he sprinted past a group of female participants on the verandah with his right hand protecting his modesty.

Jesse then exposed his behind as he ran up and down the path, with fellow groom Layton Mills jumping out of the way and applauding his confidence.


As he ran back up the verandah past his baffled wife Claire, he lifted both his hands in the air and completely exposed his manhood.

All of the women quickly turned their heads in the opposite direction as Bronte Schofield covered her eyes and screamed and Lyndall Grace burst into hysterical laughter.

MAFS' Jesse Burford running naked and exposing himself to the brides.
Jesse ran through the garden and completely exposed himself to the brides on the verandah. Photos: Channel Nine

'Jesse is my spirit animal'

Viewers quickly took to social media to express their surprise and share their thoughts on Jesse’s wild behaviour.

“Nudie run by Jesse not on the bingo card,” one person tweeted, followed by another who added, “Wow I did not expect that from Jesse, Harrison [Boon] yes but wow not Jesse”.

“Jesse is starting his OnlyFans career early!” a third said, while someone else simply wrote, “JESSE I'M SCREAMING”.


“Jesse has just become the Al [Perkins] of this year,” a different user remarked. “Next step is a shoey and the worm”.

“That’s the best thing I’ve seen on this show, Jesse is my spirit animal,” one fan shared, with another adding, “This man is unmatched I LOVE HIM! More contestants like Jesse in future seasons”.

“You can take the boy out of Perth but you can’t take the Perth out of the boy,” someone else joked.

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