MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Janelle wants to return to the show next year

The fan-favourite bride wants a second chance at love.

Her time in the experiment officially came to an end during Sunday night’s dramatic commitment ceremony, but Janelle Han is hopeful that it won’t be the last chance she gets at finding love on Married At First Sight.

The 28-year-old beauty influencer, whose partner Adam Seed cheated on her with Claire Nomarhas during filming, tells Yahoo Lifestyle she’d love to return to the show next season.

MAFS' Janelle Han.
MAFS' Janelle Han says she wants to return to the experiment next year. Photo: Channel Nine

“If I could come back next year, I would say yes because I really was robbed of the experience,” she shares.

“I really think from day one I was completely stitched up with someone that was not at all what I asked for, and I knew that. I was very realistic that I wasn’t going to be paired with someone that I asked for because the whole experiment is to be paired with someone that’s going to challenge you and help you grow and potentially find a connection.

“So if I were to come back for the next season, I would hope that they could perfectly pair me with someone that they thought there could be a future with.”


Janelle went on to say that she was “way too hopeful” when she applied for MAFS that she would end up with someone.

“I went on there really hoping that I could find something out of this, because wouldn’t being married and continuing a relationship off the show be the most romantic story ever?” she remarks. “I should’ve been more aware that it was probably not going to happen.”

MAFS’ Caitlin McConville.
Caitlin McConville has also said she'd love to return next season if she was given the opportunity. Photo: Channel Nine

'Absolutely stitched up'

While Janelle says she would love to appear in season eleven, similar to how season six’s Elizabeth Sobinoff came back as an intruder the following year, she believes her co-star Caitlin McConville is more deserving to come back to the experiment because she got “absolutely stitched up”.

Caitlin was matched with Shannon Adams and had a short-lived marriage on the show after he admitted in the second week that he was still in love with his ex and told Caitlin he didn’t find her attractive at all.

Although Shannon wrote ‘stay’ at the second commitment ceremony, expert John Aiken allowed Caitlin to leave because he believed there was no way they could repair their relationship.

The 27-year-old makeup artist told Yahoo Lifestyle following her exit that she'd love to return to the show if she was given the chance.

“Look, if I was single and I hadn't found somebody yet, I would definitely be open to coming back,” she said.

“But I’m hoping to have found somebody by then!”

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