MAFS’ Claire reveals details about shock kiss with Adam

Married at First Sight viewers were rocked by a revelation in Monday night's episode.

Married at First Sight star Claire Nomarhas has revealed details about her cheating scandal after she kissed a co-star who was not her husband.

In an explosive episode on Monday night, Claire revealed she had kissed Adam Seed on a night out before coming clean to her 'husband' Jesse Burford.

It was a shocking revelation as Jesse had previously questioned Claire about her flirtatious behaviour with Adam during the night, with Claire denying anything had happened.

Claire and Jesse in an intense conversation.
Claire came clean to Jesse about her cheating scandal. Source: Channel Nine

Jesse even confronted Adam but later apologised, giving Adam and his 'wife' Janelle Han a gift basket.

Speaking to Nova's Fitzy & Wippa about the situation on Tuesday morning, Claire shared intimate details about what really went on that night.

The MAFS star said she had not thought about kissing Adam before the incident occurred, and added it lasted "three seconds max".


When probed about who kissed who, Claire said she couldn't remember and added, "Do I just blame Adam?"

Adam had been encouraging Claire to keep their tryst a secret, however Claire was clearly tortured by the situation as she and Jesse started to build a close connection during intimacy week.

During the night in question with Adam, Claire and Jesse had a fight when she returned home that evening, with Jesse accusing her of being on the phone with Adam. She had been on the phone with friends but feared telling Jesse about what happened at the pub due to his reaction to her possibly being on the phone with him.

Janelle smiles as she sits on Adam's lap.
Adam and Janelle have been seemingly happy in their 'marriage'. Source: Channel Nine

Claire said on radio she had regretted her decision to kiss Adam.

"Just to be clear, I definitely was not on the phone at any point to Adam. And so I think as much as I should have been honest at that time, I think I let my fear of Jesse's reaction kind of overtake knowing what I should have said which is the truth," she said.

"I didn't really think that Jesse was into me, you know, he'd kind of put down my hobbies, my personality and my, the way I speak. And so in the time it happened, we weren't really in a good place. But when I heard like on that couch in front of the experts that Jesse did have some feelings towards me, I just knew that if we were going to move forward, I just had to tell him the truth. And that is the hardest part for sure."

Claire said she tried her best to focus on Jesse and move forward, but added tonight's episode is "super interesting".

Speaking about the upcoming dinner party, Claire reveals her female co-stars "have an opinion", adding that it's "absolutely fair".

"But I'm really proud of the friendships that I've built after this show for sure," she said.

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