MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall speaks out after Tayla called her a 'bully'

The intruder bride shared a rogue social media post last month slamming Lyndall.

Married At First Sight star Lyndall Grace has spoken out after fellow bride Tayla Winter called her “the biggest bully” in a rogue social media post last month.

Tayla, who recently entered the experiment as an intruder, shared an Instagram Story a few weeks ago slamming her co-star before her social media accounts were taken away.

MAFS’ Lyndall Grace and Tayla Winter.
MAFS’ Lyndall has responded after Tayla called her ‘the biggest bully’ on social media last month. Photos: Channel Nine

“Lyndall, you're the biggest bully I've ever met,” she wrote. “The amount of hurt you have caused many people is damaging and dangerous.”

Tayla provided no clues as to how she says Lyndall had behaved, instead adding: “I’m hoping people get to tell their truth and the real story is heard sooner rather than later.

“Be kind people and not only in front of a camera, behind closed doors.”


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the post, Lyndall admits she was completely “blindsided” by Tayla’s statement and found it “very confusing”.

“I did go into [MAFS] wanting to just come out being proud of my actions and proud of who I was, and I absolutely feel like I can say that,” she says.

“I've never been called a bully before, I don't think there are many people that share that sentiment, but it was an awful thing to see. I genuinely had no idea that that was coming. I couldn't even give you an example of when I can remember that I have even said anything hurtful or nasty, especially in Tayla’s direction.”

The 27-year-old adds that her actions on the reality show “will ultimately speak for themselves” and she doesn’t want to “fuel” some sort of feud between herself and Tayla.

“It was upsetting to see, but I just don't understand where she got that from,” she continues. “It is what it is and she said it now, but I think it'll all become pretty clear by the end of the show.”

MAFS’ Lyndall Grace crying.
‘It was upsetting to see, but I just don't understand where she got that from.’ Photo: Channel Nine

'I did the best I could'

While most MAFS participants would be nervous about how they will be portrayed on TV, Lyndall shares that she did a lot of self-reflection before filming began and she’s pleased with how she carried herself throughout the experiment.

“When I applied and things started progressing with the application, I really sat myself down and was like, am I ready to do this?” she remarks.


“Am I one hundred per cent comfortable with all of my strengths, but also all of my flaws? Because it's going to be a really intense environment and I've got to be able to accept and forgive and to watch back those things about me that I might not necessarily love.

“So I did a lot of really honest thinking about who I am and I guess maybe my own toxic flaws that can come out when I'm not feeling particularly good. But I think ultimately I was like, you know what, I think I can handle this and I think that as long as I go in and I behave in a way that I am proud of, then that's all anyone can really do. And if that doesn't follow through then at least at the end of the day I'll be able to say to myself I did the best I could.”

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