MAFS spoiler: Surprise couple are 'still together and spotted in Sydney'

One of this year's unlikely couples appear to be going strong after the show.

Their relationship was surrounded by drama last week following the ‘butt-dial’ scandal, but it appears Married At First Sight’s Evelyn Ellis and Rupert Bugden might go all the way in this year’s experiment.

Fans are convinced the couple are still together in the real world after they were spotted together in Sydney over the weekend.

MAFS' Evelyn and Rupert at the dinner party.
MAFS fans are convinced Evelyn and Rupert are still together after filming the reality show. Photo: Channel Nine

One person shared a sighting of the pair in the MAFS subreddit, which led to many people getting excited about their future as the fate of Evelyn and Rupert's marriage has been unknown up until now.

“I saw Evelyn and Rupert (and her two sausage dogs!) out on Oxford Street in Sydney this morning,” the fan wrote. “Couldn't tell if they were together or just friends – anyone have the tea?”

Other social media users replied that they were optimistic things work out between the pair.

“If they aren’t together, I’m glad they’re at least just good enough friends to hang out,” someone else said.


Following the Reddit post, Daily Mail shared photos of the pair’s ‘romantic breakfast’ in Paddington on Saturday.

Evelyn wore denim shorts, an orange single and a white shirt with her dark hair styled into two braids. Meanwhile, Rupert wore grey shorts and a white t-shirt, and they each held onto their dogs’ leashes.

MAFS' Evelyn and Rupert at the commitment ceremony.
Rupert and Evelyn have been going from strength to strength in the experiment after entering as intruders two weeks ago. Photo: Channel Nine

'Definitely as awkward as it seemed'

This comes shortly after Evelyn spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her TV wedding and revealed that the on-screen awkwardness between herself and Rupert was “true to form”.

“That couch session where me and Rupert sat on the sofas together at the wedding and I was trying to talk to him, that is exactly what happened verbatim,” she said.

“Honestly, I wanted to melt in my chair at that point in time. I actually think they cut a lot of it out, so I think they let Rupert off the hook a little bit, but it was definitely as awkward as it seemed.”


Evelyn added that there was one moment between the pair on their honeymoon that she was particularly disappointed didn’t air on TV.

“There was one part that I'm really upset they didn’t put in because it was hilarious,” she shared.

“It was me and Rupert in a field holding a chicken, and he was way more frightened of the chicken than I was. And we were screaming like little children and it was the most endearing, sweet, natural, authentic moment ever, but I guess it just didn't make the cut.”

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