MAFS' Bronte speaks out after explosive voice message leak: 'Holy s**t'

The Married At First Sight contestant may have known the truth about Harrison all along.

MAFS fans were sympathetic towards bride Bronte Schofield when she was blindsided with the news of her groom Harrison Boon’s alleged ‘secret girlfriend’ on their wedding day. While the bride seemed genuinely alarmed when her friend Jessica Tomlinson revealed the bombshell, new messages between the two women suggest Bronte already knew before the wedding.

According to the leaked voice messages acquired by the Daily Mail, the fiery brunette wasn’t aware that she would be matched with Harrison, but she discussed what to do in case she was. The 28-year-old admitted she would use the information to ‘her advantage’, and said she would ‘play it up’ for the cameras.

L: MAFS stars Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon at their wedding. R: Bronte crying at the dinner party
New evidence has emerged about the MAFS scandal involving Harrison Boon. Photo: Nine

In the screenshots of the leaked group chat, a snap of Harrison was sent in the conversation, with information about how the 32-year-old groom was a single dad.

After learning about his rumoured girlfriend, supposedly The Bachelors star Abby Miller, she sent a number of voice memos expressing her surprise.


“Oh my god, I’m actually triggered. Like, what am I supposed to do? Like, if one of the other girls gets him, oh my god, I’m dead,” she told her friends.

“[Abby is] 21? That’s f**king nine years younger than me. Eight years. I can’t do math. What the f**k?”

“Well, you know what, if he is my match, I’m going to f**king play that to my advantage. Like holy s**t.”

L: Harrison Boon on MAFS. R: Abby Miller
Harrison's rumoured girlfriend Abby Miller is yet to speak out. Photo: Nine & Instagram/a.bbymiller

The bride then confided in her friends that she was going to ask her sister Kirra to be an “absolute f**ker” to Harrison, and admitted she was going to create drama in front of the cameras.

“Oh my god, I will literally play this up like crazy, like I reckon I would actually confront him when we’re in private…[and say], ‘I actually know why you’re here. Like if you’re wanting to just, like, I guess play this on, that’s fine, we can just be friends. But for the cameras we can obviously put on a show’,” she said.

“Because if I do get this guy, like, I’m not going to be able to like him, because I know what he’s like.

MAFS bride Bronte Schofield and her sister on her wedding day
Bronte turned to her sister for comfort on her wedding day. Photo: Nine

Bronte speaks out

During an appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on Tuesday morning, Bronte confirmed it was her voice in the recordings but asserted she had no idea Harrison was going to be her husband.

“I never actually got told Harrison's name before the wedding,” she said. “I heard that a guy of his nature was going in it.

“So when I was getting all of these messages from so-called ‘friends’, I was like, 'Oh my god, if I get this guy, at least I’ll have the upper hand and I’ll be able to know what kind of guy he’s like'.”

She went on to add that her facial expressions and reactions when meeting Harrison at the altar were “so legit”.

“I don’t think that’s the face of somebody who knew that information,” she added. “I’m definitely not an actor.

“On the morning of my wedding, respectfully, I'm not thinking about a conversation that I've had with my friend a few months ago. I’m going, ‘I’m marrying a freaking stranger’.”

When asked about whether she knew which of her friends was the person who leaked the voice messages, Bronte replied: “I know exactly who it was.

“I tried to call her and she didn't answer, so I left her a message basically just saying leave me alone and let's just move on. It's been however many months now, keep my name out of your mouth.”

Two photos of Harrison with a mystery blonde woman
Snaps of Harrison with a mystery woman have emerged. Photo: The Wash

Harrison spotted with mystery blonde

This comes after new snaps seemingly prove Harrison and Bronte are no longer together in the outside world.

In pictures first shared by The Wash which were taken last weekend, the 32-year-old builder appears to be holding hands with a mystery blonde.

The couple were crossing a road together in South Sydney when a fan of the reality show spotted them.

The man’s red cap seems to match Harrison’s, as seen in a recently resurfaced video, and the snaps were taken around the corner from where he supposedly lives.

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