MAFS' Janelle reveals apology from Claire that never aired: 'Surprised'

EXCLUSIVE: Last week's dinner party was much more dramatic than what was shown on TV.

While last week’s Married At First Sight dinner party was filled with plenty of drama, with the cast holding both Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas accountable for their ‘secret kiss’, Janelle Han has now revealed that viewers didn’t get to see everything that happened during the night.

The beauty influencer tells Yahoo Lifestyle there was a major rumour swirling throughout the dinner party that she tried her hardest to verify, but it didn’t air on TV.

MAFS’\' Janelle and Claire.
MAFS' Janelle says Claire apologised to her ‘a few times’ throughout the experiment but it wasn’t shown on TV. Photos: Channel Nine

“What I'm surprised about that wasn't aired was I actually was in full protective mode because I was trying to figure out the intention behind Claire coming out, because I had heard whispers that she was only coming out because it was getting spread in the group,” she shares.

“I'd actually found out that Harrison [Boon] had learned the information the morning of the intruder wedding, so I was like, is her intention to beat the rumours or was it to come clean genuinely?

“At the end of the day, she did come clean genuinely and was apologetic that she hurt me, so I can't be mad at that.”


Janelle went on to say that although it wasn’t shown on TV, Claire did apologise to her “a few times” throughout the experiment for kissing her husband.

“I wasn't as forgiving at the time, but I wasn't rude to her and I wasn’t mean to her. I just needed more time to process the information,” she explains.

“I don't want to say too much without giving it away, but I have forgiven Claire. I think when you compare her apology to Adam's, they are worlds apart. And whether or not I believe her apology, it was a good apology and I do believe she feels sorry that I was caught in the crossfire of it all.”

MAFS’ Janelle.
Janelle says she’s ‘quite proud’ of how she handled herself on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

'I just wanted to be myself'

Janelle adds there were a few other key moments from her MAFS experience that she was surprised didn’t play on TV.

“I think I was a little disappointed that they didn't show much of Adam and I’s happy romantic moments because there were so many of them,” she details.

“I truly believed that we were just going to be that boring couple that provided no entertainment because we were so happy and content with each other, and it was hard watching it back knowing that they're not showing any of that. But I guess it was all a big foreshadowing of what’s happening in the future.”


Despite the fact that her stint on the show was surrounded by controversy, Janelle says she’s “quite proud” of how she handled herself.

“Even a lot of the production crew came up to me when I left and were just like, ‘You are so genuine, you are exactly how you are on and off camera’, and that really meant a lot to me because I wasn't used to that environment,” she remarks.

“Yes, I'm used to being in front of a camera but it’s my own camera and I'm sitting in the room by myself, so I was so happy with that. I do think that I am someone who carries myself really maturely and I do think that showed.

“Of course, some people think that I come across as fake or cold or whatever, but that's just how I am and I'm not going to over-dramatise it for the camera. I just wanted to be myself.”

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