MAFS spoiler: All the signs Duncan and Alyssa have split

The couple may be heading for disaster.

Despite starting out as one of the strongest couples on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, a series of clues have led many fans to believe that Duncan James and Alyssa Barmonde do not end up together.

The most telling sign is the fact that the pair both live on Sydney's Northern Beaches but haven't been photographed or spotted together at all since the show ended.

MAFS’ Alyssa and Duncan at the dinner party.
Speculation is growing that MAFS’ Alyssa and Duncan have called it quits. Photo: Channel Nine

Duncan is based in Manly and Alyssa is just a few minutes away, yet it appears they haven't spent any time as a couple since filming wrapped in December.

Instead, Duncan has spent most of his weekends with friends who all document their antics on social media - including a recent trip to Perth together.


The 36-year-old was also spotted getting flirty with intruder Evelyn Ellis at her recent viewing party in Sydney, where his ‘wife’ Alyssa was noticeably absent.

However, Evelyn asserts that nothing went on between herself and any of the grooms who attended the event, including Harrison Boon.

“Everyone from Sydney was invited,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “Melinda [Willis] and Layton [Mills] were supposed to come but she had to fly back to Brissy, and Ollie [Skelton] was sick that day.

“I was stuck with the boys which was fine, we just had a few drinks and watched the episode. There’s definitely nothing there.”

MAFS’ Duncan and Evelyn at her viewing party.
Duncan attended Evelyn’s viewing party last month. Photos: Instagram

Janelle defends Alyssa amid backlash

This comes after fellow MAFS bride Janelle Han defended Alyssa for her actions at a recent dinner party which caused fans to turn on her.

Alyssa fiercely supported Janelle and Jesse Burford when it came out that their respective partners Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas had shared a kiss and subsequently lied about it. However, viewers were quick to slam the mother-of-one for her strong views after she had previously revealed during Confessions Week that she had been involved in an affair with a married man.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the dinner party, Janelle said she was “heartbroken” seeing social media users attack Alyssa when they aren't aware of the context.


“She was being called a hypocrite, but a lot of people don't know the full story,” she shared. “She was in a manipulative relationship and it really affected her and that's why she was so passionate about cheating because she knows how much it can damage a family.

“She was 23, it was her boss, and this boss had completely manipulated the situation where he lied to her about being married saying it was a Green Card marriage. So she was innocently believing this narcissist and that was her first experience with a narcissist.

“It's not really my story to tell, but it's a really sad story and she feels very passionate about it. There's so much more to the story than her just being the other woman.”

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