MAFS' Jesse blows up at Today host: 'Ridiculous'

The Married at First Sight star was not impressed by one particular question.

Married At First Sight star Jesse Burford has blown up at Today Extra host David Campbell over a question he asked the star about the cheating scandal involving his on-screen wife Claire Nomarhas.

Appearing on the Channel Nine morning show after the cheating drama continued to unfold during last night's dinner party, Jesse was saying his trust was severely damaged by the situation before David asked him what his responsibility in the drama was.

Jesse started to answer the question before he stopped seemingly confused by what the host was asking.

"My responsibility lies ... sorry, what was that question? Where's my responsibility lie ... when Claire kisses another dude?" he said.

David then referred to a list of Jesse's 'icks', including "star sign chicks" and "drama queens", as well as telling Claire to "shush" at the airport on the way to their honeymoon.

Jesse Burford looks angry as David Campbell asks him a question on Today Extra.
Jesse Burford was offended by a question David Campbell asked him during an interview on Today Extra. Source: Channel Nine

"Come on, you give your list of icks, shush her, kind of ignore her, and then when she goes and cheats ... kisses somebody else, you get all manned up and red-flagged and go, 'Hey, hey, hey' – and you were proved right by that – but where was the initial responsibility for the relationship?" he asked.

Jesse smiled as he looked agitated by the question and said, "David, David, David".

"You make me laugh mate," the MAFS star said.

"I've seen the interviews that you've done with Claire and Janelle [Han] calling me a walking red flag and scoffing," he continued as David nodded saying, "Yeah".


"Rolling your eyes when my name gets brought up," Jesse added while David continued to nod.

David then said he had welcomed Jesse onto the show and it was his time to comment on how he has been portrayed on MAFS.

"Yeah, let me tell you more about the ick I'm glad you're giving me the opportunity. That was something that the show really exaggerated," Jesse said.

"I don't care if Claire is into star signs and crystals, good for her. I'm not going to completely write her off as a person or a partner because she's into something that I'm not.

"The shushing thing – when someone is affecting the public around you, and they're looking over their shoulder and going, 'Wow, this chick just needs to bring it in', I'm going to raise that person's awareness about their behaviour in public.

"I wasn't rude, I was actually pretty kind about it ... and all of a sudden I'm a misogynist who shushes all women, it's ridiculous mate."

A clip of the interview was shared on Instagram and Jesse's fans flocked to the comments to defend him and slam David for the interview.

"I usually love the Today show but that was so uncalled for and rude of David," one said.


"Good on you Jesse ... This show is an absolute joke."

"Pretty disappointing the way this interview was handled by the Today show. Gaslighting people in these circumstances is not OK. Jesse had his preferences, yes, but doesn't everyone? And yes, he was portrayed as being selfish for it but he grew when he was pulled up for it and that certainly doesn't mean he deserved to be cheated on," a third added.

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