MAFS' Harrison slammed after defending 'fake' tears: 'Load of rubbish'

The Married At First Sight contestant was in tears as he appeared without 'wife' Bronte.

MAFS' Harrison Boon left viewers and fellow contestants in shock on Sunday night when he began crying after sharing that his 'wife' Bronte Schofield couldn't make the commitment ceremony as she was feeling very unwell due to endometriosis.

The groom appeared on the couch by himself, with expert Mel Schilling pointing out he was "flying solo".

"Yeah, unfortunately Bronte couldn't be here," he began. "She goes through a lot more… at that time of the month."

MAFS' Harrison Boon crying
MAFS' Harrison Boon has been slammed after defending his 'fake' tears at the commitment ceremony on Sunday night. Photo: Nine

Harrison shared that he was not a voice for "endo-demetriosis", referencing endometriosis, or "a woman's biological functions", but added, "She's in a lot of pain, and gets very emotional, and crying."

The other contestants looked on in shock as he began tearing up, his voice wavering, "Sorry... it's just really hard to see her like that."

"I'm gonna try and get through this as best I can... I'm a guy, I don't know what Bronte actually goes through, so I've just got to be supportive and just do whatever I can," he told the experts.


John Aiken wasn't having any of it, telling him: "OK, well I'm not getting a sense that you're being real with us, stay or leave? What's it gonna be?"

As Harrison was tearing up, comical, light-hearted music began playing over the top of the scene, referencing the fact producers also perhaps didn't think he was being genuine.

Harrison showed that he had written stay, and then pretended to be shocked while reading Bronte's, before smiling and showing she'd also chosen to stay.

Harrison hits back at trolls

MAFS' Harrison and Bronte
Harrison shared that he has 'a lot of empathy' for Bronte. Photo: Nine

After the commitment ceremony aired on Sunday night, Harrison took to the Married At First Sight UNCENSORED Facebook group, hitting out at viewers who were slamming him for his 'fake' tears.

"Hello everyone, I just want to address tonight’s CC," he wrote. "Bronte was in a lot of pain and crying and I had to go into a high-pressure environment and deliver a commitment ceremony decision on my own and the emotions that you see were very real.

"I have a lot of empathy, and a real soft spot for my son and you’ve seen my softer side in flashes during the experiment where I’ve shown a lot of empathy for Jesse and Josh."

He continued: "I don’t appreciate the women of the group laughing at me showing vulnerability and showing absolutely no care for Brontes situation, nor do I think the music is appropriate. what you see tonight is a guy showing nothing but compassion and real genuine care for his wife."

Harrison finished by saying: "Yes I’m this seasons villain, but that doesn’t mean I’m made of stone."

Fans were quick to slam the groom, with one user writing: "Why did you even feel like it was your place to share such private information? That's not compassion at all, that was just you bad acting at all trying to have others feel bad for you. You still managed to make it about you."

"So fake. He is so in love with himself. The most ungenuine person I have witnessed. Such poor acting," another added.

"What a performance you put on. Looked soooo genuine," a third sarcastically wrote.

"I think he believes his own lies," a fourth said.

"I'd recommend acting classes," someone else wrote.

"The only believable thing you said was that you don't know what she is going through," another said.

One user described the scene as a "load of rubbish" and "baffling".

However, some had Harrison's back with one user writing: "I thought Harrison was really nice to Jesse, it didn't seem fake to me."

"Yeah, the music was low brow," another said, with Harrison responding: "Yes, very disappointing."

'Broke my heart'

MAFS' Harrison with a card saying stay
Harrison quickly turned his frown upside down, revealing both he and Bronte chose to stay. Photo: Nine

Bronte took to Instagram after the commitment ceremony to say that missing it "broke my heart", adding she has missed out on many things in the past because of her endometriosis, describing the pain as "debilitating".

"All I have ever wanted was a partner to love me for all my flaws," she wrote. "I am far from perfect, I didn’t ask for this condition, (I mean what woman does) but to have a supportive partner makes the world of difference, just to be seen; to be brave enough to say 'I’m not ok' and potentially have them walk away because 'who’s ever going to love you? You have too many health issues', is one of the scariest thoughts... I just wanted someone to see all of me and see my heart above all.. above the condition.

"Harrison, thank you for not giving up on me, we haven’t had an easy journey, but I’m grateful to have your support."

One Facebook user shared the post in the same group, saying: "Good to see Bronte acknowledge Harrison was actually there for her."

They added: "The producers have totally got it out for him. I’m sure he wasn’t on that couch for all of 2 min that they showed. They may as well have played the circus theme. Kind of s**t especially since they were talking about Endo and making a mockery out of it."

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