MAFS' Alyssa divides with shock reaction to cheating scandal: 'Gobsmacked'

The Married at First Sight star was furious after discovering Claire and Adam kissed.

Married at First Sight star Alyssa Barmonde has divided fans after she expressed a strong opinion about the cheating scandal involving Claire Nomarhas and Adam Seed.

The scandal exploded at the dinner party on Wednesday night as Claire and Adam came face-to-face with the entire cast. Before the dinner party, Alyssa made it clear to her 'husband' Duncan James that she would not greet either of the stars as they arrived, later saying she wanted to "murder" them.

She remained defiant as she sat with Adam's jilted 'wife' Janelle Han at the dinner party, refusing to say hello to Claire and Adam.

Alyssa yells and points while surrounded by co-stars at the dinner party.
Alyssa exploded over the cheating scandal involving Adam and Claire. Source: Channel Nine

Her strong reaction comes after Alyssa revealed to Duncan during confessions week she was involved in an affair with a married man.

"I was complicit in an affair, I was the other woman and I knew that he was a married man," she admitted.

Duncan was left speechless by the confession, telling producers he was "completely shocked". He also admitted he was cheated on when he was younger.


"It's not something I'm proud of and deeply shameful but it's something that I've been able to learn from. I also know now it absolutely won't happen again," Alyssa told Duncan.

Following the dinner party episode on Wednesday night, fans took to social media to slam Alyssa for her "hypocritical" response to the cheating scandal after she was once involved in one herself.

"So Alyssa not wanting to talk or have anything to do with a cheater seems a bit hypocritical, considering she has admitted to having an affair with a married man," one wrote on Facebook.

"Alyssa is way over the top. She seems to have wiped her past from her mind and is going overboard on a kiss, not long-term infidelity," another commented.

Alyssa cries while Duncan looks shocked.
Alyssa revealed to Duncan she had previously been complicit in an affair. Source: Channel Nine

"Pot meet kettle," a third added.

"I was a bit gobsmacked with Alyssa and her way over-the-top reaction to Claire and Adam not even wanting to say hello etc I feel like she was causing Janelle to be even more upset and spiteful to them both by her overreacting," a fan said.

Others however defended Alyssa and said her reaction was likely due to the lessons she had learned in the past.


"Maybe she learned from it," a comment read.

"I think she has learnt from her mistakes and wants to keep boundaries in her life ... people make mistakes and can grow from them. This just happened in the group it impacts them all, especially the way Jesse [Burford] was treated. Her being involved with a married man doesn't impact the group," a fan wrote.

Adam was grilled by his MAFS co-stars during the dinner party as he attempted to justify his behaviour, however her 'husband' Jesse appeared to soften to Claire as she took responsibility for her actions and offered no excuses.

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