MAFS' Richard responds to rumours Andrea and Timothy are dating

EXCLUSIVE: Richard shares a surprising update on his love life.

From Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege in season five to Evelyn Ellis and Duncan James last year, it’s certainly not unusual for Married At First Sight participants to recouple after filming the reality show. This is of course what happened for season 11’s Jono McCullough and Ellie Dix, who began dating between leaving the experiment and returning for the reunion and are still together now.

Following this, it was recently rumoured that 2024 cast members Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith had begun dating. An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that the pair, who both split from their partners on the show, have been “spending an increasing amount of time together”.

MAFS’ Richard Sauerman / Timothy Smith, Jono McCullough and Andrea Thompson.
MAFS’ Richard Sauerman has responded to rumours Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith are dating. Photos: Yahoo / Instagram/mafsgossip

The co-stars were photographed running errands together in Melbourne and enjoying a drink with Jono last month and also had a private viewing party at her home to watch the final vows.

Andrea’s on-screen ‘husband’ Richard Sauerman has now reacted to rumours she’s moved on with Timothy, telling Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast that he doesn’t think they’re true.

“I would be very surprised if that was the case, but the world’s full of surprises,” he says with a laugh. “Maybe, I don't know. I actually don't know what to make of it. Even even as well as I know Andie and Timothy, I was just like, ‘Yeah right, okay’.”


Andrea herself addressed the ‘couple swap’ rumours last week, telling New Idea that she and Timothy are simply “beautiful friends”.

“There's nothing romantic there,” she said. “I adore him, and he adores me.”

The photographer added that Timothy has been “a rock” for her at times, and “the best part of the experiment” was making so many friends.

“The people with kind hearts found each other in the experiment which has been really special,” she remarked.

MAFS’ Andrea Thompson and Timothy Smith.
Andrea has said she and Timothy are simply ‘beautiful friends’. Photos: Channel Nine

Richard shares an update on his love life

Speaking about his own love life, Richard admits to Behind the Edit that he found it difficult to move on while the show was airing.

“You relive the whole experience when you watch it again. Like when I'm crying on the episode, I'm crying on my couch at home and going through all those emotions, so it was like having a breakup twice,” he remarks.


However, the 62-year-old groom reveals that while he’s not looking to enter into another relationship anytime soon, he’s been “having fun” and spending time with “quite a few people” recently.

“I’m really putting myself out there, and it's quite easy to do. When you put yourself out there on the show, a lot of people approach you,” he shares. “I could just sit at home and be a bit of a hermit, I love my own company, but I'm getting these opportunities and these offers and these solicitations, if you like, and lots of them I'm following up on.

“Some of them are great, some of the people I’ve just seen once, some of the people I've seen quite a few times. And it's not just one person either, so I'm having a bit of fun and it’s really good. Some people approach me looking for the next love of their life and say, ‘You might be that’. I'm sorry, I'm not ready to have that conversation. Definitely not.”

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