MAFS' Richard reveals unseen reunion moment with Andrea: 'Awkward'

EXCLUSIVE: The TV groom spills on his current relationship with his former 'wife'.

Married At First Sight’s Richard Sauerman has revealed exactly what happened during his couch session with Andrea Thompson at the reunion that was completely edited out of the show.

Monday night’s explosive finale only featured five of the season’s 12 couples sitting on the couch with the experts - Jono McCullough and Lauren Dunn, Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa, Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper, Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams, and Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light - which left many fans disappointed and begging for more.

MAFS’ Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson at the reunion.
MAFS’ Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson filmed a couch session with the experts at the reunion that never aired on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

Appearing on Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast, Richard reveals that he and Andrea had a “super intense” moment with the experts which was never shown.

“It was stressful. Sitting in front of the experts in that environment with everyone else sitting there, the couples watching you, all the cameras and the lights, the whole thing was very, very intense,” he remarks.

“Everyone was scared of being on the couch and everyone was scared of John [Aiken]. When John gets into you you’re like, ‘Oh s**t’. Although John hardly spoke to us at all during all our times on the couch, it was mostly Mel [Schilling] and Alessandra [Rampolla].”


The 62-year-old groom adds that he has “no idea” why the scene was edited out of the episode and he was “quite surprised” when he watched it.

“I think it was a bit awkward, to be honest,” he shares. “I mean, we didn’t leave on good terms. We exchanged a few text messages between leaving and [reunion] but no real massive meaningful contact.

“Andie was a bit standoffish and that's okay, that's completely fine. The experts asked us, ‘So where does this go now?’ and I said, ‘I'd really like to be friends with Andie’. They asked her if that was possible and she said, ‘Yeah that's possible'. So we kind of left on that note that we'd be friends but not like Timothy and Lucinda. It was a sort of amicable peace agreement like, okay we'll move on and be nice to each other.”

MAFS’ Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson on a coffee date in Sydney.
Richard and Andrea were spotted on a coffee date in February. Photos: Supplied

Richard spills on his current relationship with Andrea

Speaking about his relationship with Andrea five months after filming the reunion, Richard admits that they are simply civil with one another.

“Andie and I today, we're not enemies, we’re not friends, we’re just two people that shared a really amazing experience, a very unusual experience,” he says. “We’ll always have that in common, and that's it.”


The former couple were photographed enjoying a coffee date together in February, sparking rumours that they were still in a romantic relationship. However, Richard asserts that it was a one-off meet-up where they didn’t end on the best terms.

“Andie was in town to see a Pink concert and just last minute said, ‘Do you want to have a coffee?’ and I said, ‘Yeah sure’,” he recalls. “I was pleased to see her actually, I gave her a big hug, and that was it. I don’t know if it was a setup, maybe it was. Somebody took some photographs and then all of a sudden they're out there and that's what happened.

“I actually said to her, ‘Do you think there's any chance that we could maybe get together again?’. I said that to her because I like her, and that was leaked [to the media]. Like, come on Andie, this is private stuff.”

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