MAFS feud reignites at cast reunion as Lucinda reveals post-show plans

Here are all the biggest moments from the annual Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie dinner party.

A group of season 11 Married At First Sight cast members reunited for the first time since filming wrapped last year at the annual Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie dinner party on Wednesday evening, which unfolded into a night almost as dramatic as the actual reality show.

The event featured a mix of memorable brides and grooms - including Lucinda Light, Timothy Smith, Lauren Dunn, Sara Mesa, Eden Harper, Jayden Eynaud, Tristan Black, Cassandra Allen, Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell - and saw plenty of bombshells being dropped when the famous honesty box came out.

2024 MAFS cast at Nova's dinner party.
The 2024 MAFS cast reunited for the annual Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie dinner party. Photo: Nova

Lauren addresses Jono and Ellie's cheating scandal

When asked why her on-screen ‘husband’ Jono McCullough wasn’t in attendance, Lauren confirmed the news that everybody already knew: he’s now dating their co-star Ellie Dix.

“I can confirm that they are together and they’re really happy. I couldn’t be happier for them,” she said. “I didn’t dodge a bullet but they’re definitely better suited. I think we could all see that a few weeks in. He’s a really nice person, he’s way too nice to me.”


The outspoken bride went on to say that the messages between Jono and Ellie during filming “weren’t bad” but she just wished he had told her about them earlier.

“If he’d told me I would’ve been cool about it and we could’ve left,” she added. “But it’s all good now. He wasn’t cheating on me, he wasn’t trying to deliberately deceive me, but you know what it’s like in these shows. If you’re messaging another bride and the producers find out and everyone finds out, we’re gonna go in.”

Jade and Ridge seemingly confirm their relationship status

While there’s already been plenty of evidence suggesting Ridge and Jade are still together in real life, the intruder bride confirmed at the dinner table that they recently had an “amazing trip” to Bali where he got her name tattooed on his back.

Host Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald then asked Jade if she had his name tattooed on her, to which she replied: “I’m not that stupid.”

Surprisingly, Ridge remained tight-lipped when questioned about the rumours he and Jade had been looking for a place to live on the Gold Coast.

“Look, I want to tell you the truth but I’m not allowed to. So maybe,” he said. “It depends if Jade keeps being a good girl, if she is then maybe.”

 MAFS' Jayden showing off his Jade tattoo at Nova's dinner party.
Ridge showed off his tattoo featuring Jade’s name. Photos: Nova

Lucinda reveals exciting post-show plans

Lucinda shut down rumours she is going to become an expert on the New Zealand version of MAFS, saying it would be “laughable” because she’s “not in a bloody relationship”. However, she did reveal that she has some very exciting career plans organised for after the show.

“I’m building out on my website at the moment something that’s called Lucinda Light Tribe,” she shared. “It’s a bi-weekly Zoom chat with me, there’s Tribe Times which is a weekly publication, it’s gonna have my emotional intelligence course and upgrading and you get a copy of my book.

“That’s really exciting from a business perspective. But I’m definitely looking at offers that have come to me from Iceland to Japan. It has actually been wild, like hundreds of offers. Business is booming.”

This comes after a media insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Lucinda has been “flooded” with offers from podcast networks and voiceover agencies and that she could “make millions in the next couple of years” with the right strategy and team.

The fan-favourite bride also confirmed that she is still looking for love, while her on-screen partner Timothy Smith described her as one of his closest friends.

“We talk pretty much every day, she’s been over at my place numerous times, whenever we’ve got questions or queries she bounces it on me and I do the same,” he said. “So we’ve met a lifelong friend.”

MAFS' Lucinda at Nova's dinner party.
Lucinda confirmed she’s currently building out her website. Photo: Nova

Timothy and Jayden go head-to-head

Timothy definitely brought some fire to the dinner party, kicking things off when he asked Jayden about his wild X-rated confession on the show.

“Jayden, that confession with the threesome thing, was that actually real or was that all bulls**t? Because what I heard it was bulls**t,” he said.

Ridge was quick to speak up, telling Timothy: “It was about as real as your relationship with Lucinda!”

Meanwhile, Jayden avoided the question and said: “Hey Tim listen, we’ve got two successful relationships down here, both half your age. So you ain’t got no room to talk.”

“Come on Jayden! Come on, are they successful?” Timothy replied while Eden tried to calm her partner down.

MAFS' Jayden and Timothy at Nova's dinner party.
Jayden and Timothy went head-to-head at the dinner table. Photos: Nova

Timothy and Lauren drop huge bombshell about Jack

Timothy also grabbed the microphone at the end of the night to share some piping hot tea about Jack Dunkley’s ex-girlfriend, who Jack has been accused of sleeping with after the show while he was with Tori Adams.

“I’m not gonna exactly say what happened or how it happened, but I did get a phone call from Jack’s ex which actually answered a lot of questions which made the show make complete sense, you f**king liar,” he said. “Watch the show, but he’s full of s**t from head to toe.”


Lauren then spoke up and recalled one incident during filming where she allegedly caught Jack on the phone with his ex.

“I remember coming out of the lifts and I remember Jack was sitting on the chair and he was having this deep conversation,” she claimed. “He looked at me and he looked really uncomfortable and my gut just said, I bet you anything he’s on the phone to this girl. And he was.”

“Confirmed 100 per cent,” Timothy added.

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