MAFS' Alessandra Rampolla shares major change she wants to see next season

EXCLUSIVE: The relationship expert would love to see a new task on the reality show.

From last year’s controversial couple swap to this year’s X-rated yes/no/maybe list, Married At First Sight always introduces new elements to ensure the experiment is evolving alongside modern dating trends.

Now, as the current season of the reality show approaches its end, relationship expert and clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla has suggested a major change for the 2025 series.

MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla.
MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla has suggested a major change for the next season of the reality show. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Alessandra says she’d love to see a task in the experiment that allows couples to discuss their finances.

New research from Westpac shows that money is the top cause of arguments for Australian couples, with 9 out of 10 people finding the topic awkward to discuss. Because of this, Alessandra says it’s important for couples to tackle the subject early on in their relationship before it becomes a problem.


“We talk about intimacy in the experiment a lot and I always talk about how intimacy week especially is not only about sexuality, it's about building trust,” she says.

“This is an area that can really help to build trust. Can you feel safe enough around someone to disclose these things that you hold really close and dear? If you're able to do that, it shows you that you're starting to feel that you have that real connection with your partner. It will also allow you to gauge where you're standing in your relationship and how secure and comfortable and safe you feel.”

MAFS' Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud
Alessandra says she’d love to see couples discuss their finances on the show to build trust in their relationship. Photo: Channel Nine

While the show has never explicitly featured challenges around finances - like budget planning or disclosing your salary - Alessandra points out that the topic has seeped into the experiment in the past.

“I do remember a couple of seasons ago, I recall one of the couples at some point having a little spat after somebody handed a receipt on some fast food,” she recalls, referencing Anthony and Selin’s fight in season nine.

“It hadn't been addressed and because it hadn't been addressed, there were expectations or assumptions on both sides and then it ended up being something that was uncomfortable for both. One person felt like, ‘Why aren't I getting paid back?’ and the other person was like, ‘Why can't you just get the fast food?’.

“It's as simple as having the chat beforehand and understanding what those expectations are. Are you the kind of person who wants to keep things even and really clear and it's all good vibes? Or are you the person who's like, ‘Don't worry, I'll get it, you get it next time’? You need to figure that out early on. So yes, I'm sure it’s something that could be a part of the experiment, absolutely.”

MAFS experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla.
Alessandra has appeared as an expert on the reality show for the past four seasons. Photo: Channel Nine

Alessandra's advice for money conversations

When tackling conversations around money with your partner, Alessandra says being open about how you handle your finances in the early stages of dating will help your relationship in the long run.

“I think the first thing is that you need to start bringing up the conversations in terms of, what has been your experience with finances? Have you had difficulty? What kind of aspirations do you have? Are you the kind of person that thinks about building wealth or do you just want to get by to the next pay cheque? People have very different attitudes with all of these topics,” she details.


“My advice is to make time, be kind and be respectful - especially of the cultural differences surrounding their financial management. And I think you also have to make sure you're not shaming and judging the other person as they're explaining things that might be different from the way that you do them.”

Learn more about Westpac’s research here.

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