MAFS: Truth about Jono and Ellie's 'cheating scandal' as production timeline leaks

The pair’s controversial ‘couple swap’ storyline has begun to play out on air.

Married At First Sight’s Lauren Dunn was left heartbroken during Sunday night’s episode when it was revealed that her partner Jono McCullough had been secretly texting their co-star Ellie Dix multiple times a week behind her back.

While Jono insisted nothing was going on between them and they were simply messaging as ‘friends’, the experts blasted his behaviour and the episode ended with Lauren in tears.

MAFS’ Jono McCullough and Lauren Dunn.
MAFS’ Lauren Dunn appeared to be blindsided by the news her partner Jono McCullough was texting Ellie Dix behind her back. Photo: Channel Nine

Since the season began airing on TV in January, various pictures have emerged confirming Jono and Ellie are officially in a relationship, sparking plenty of confusion over when they first hooked up and if he cheated on Lauren.

Yahoo Lifestyle has now obtained a production timeline of their relationship - with the pair still insisting they “did nothing wrong” despite plenty of their co-stars thinking otherwise.

August 8:

Jono and Ellie meet at the first dinner party of the season and strike up a friendship.

August 25:

Jono defends Ellie while filming the third dinner party, calling her a “lovely, beautiful, smiling, happy and very intelligent woman”. He also says he wants to “metaphorically slap” Ellie’s ‘husband’ Ben Walters for how he’s treating her.


September 1:

Cast members start to joke that Jono has a crush on Ellie after repeatedly speaking up and defending her in group settings.

September 10:

Ben and Ellie leave the experiment, with Ellie now starting to text Jono “three or four times a week” to find out what's happening on the show and how he and Lauren are doing.

MAFS' Ellie Dix and Ben Walters
Ellie and Ben left the experiment at the fourth commitment ceremony, which is when she reportedly began texting Jono. Photo: Channel 10

September 29:

Lauren flies back to Perth for a week for surgery, while Jono continues to speak with Ellie more freely as he's alone in Sydney.

October 2:

Lauren undergoes surgery in Perth.

October 6:

Jono flies to Perth to do Homestay Week with Lauren and reveals on camera that they'd reconnected and started having sex again.


October 11:

The cast returns to Sydney after Homestays, with Jono sharing in his piece-to-camera interview: “I'm feeling really close to Lauren at the moment, our feelings are pretty strong for each other.”

October 12:

Tori Adams reveals to the group while filming the final commitment ceremony that Jono has been messaging Ellie, with him denying they have any romantic feelings towards each other.

October 18 (approximately):

Lauren and Jono film their final vow ceremony and are believed to have split up.

 MAFS’ Lauren Dunn arriving at the reunion
Lauren was reportedly blindsided by Jono and Ellie’s relationship announcement at the reunion. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

November 11:

The cast returns to Sydney to film the reunion, with Jono and Ellie walking in holding hands and confirming they're now in a relationship. Jono reportedly did not give Lauren a heads-up beforehand, leaving her feeling more betrayed and humiliated.

December 23

Jono joins Ellie at her work Christmas party and they pose for pictures shared to her work's Instagram page - making no secret that they're now together, despite their contractual obligations to the show.

MAFS’ Jono and Ellie at her work Christmas party..
Jono attended Ellie’s work Christmas party in December. Photos: Instagram

February 7:

Paparazzi pictures believed to have been staged by Ellie and Jono are published online showing them kissing on a beach in Sydney.

February 8:

Ben tells Yahoo Lifestyle he suspected “something fishy” was going on between Ellie and Jono from the moment they first met.

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