MAFS' Lucinda Light 'set to become a millionaire' as job offers revealed

The MC and wedding celebrant has been labelled this season’s ‘breakout participant’.

Lucinda Light may have shut down rumours she's been asked to become a relationship expert on the New Zealand version of Married At First Sight, but that doesn't mean the bride hasn't been inundated with job offers following her rise to fame.

Yahoo Lifestyle understands there is currently a “bidding war” between major podcast networks to sign her up exclusively to host her own show once the experiment wraps, with many voiceover agencies also keen to sign her as an audiobook narrator.

MAFS’ Lucinda Light.
MAFS’ Lucinda Light has been inundated with job offers following her rise to fame. Photo: Channel Nine

There is also talk of future TV work with the Nine Network - who have dubbed her as this year's “breakout participant” - as well as offers for her to release a book in the “personal development and spiritual journey” space and an increased demand in booking her as an emcee and motivational speaker at events.

A media insider claims Lucinda's appeal comes down to two things, which the participants of recent seasons have all lacked: authenticity and positivity.


“Lucinda's kind-heartedness and positive energy have resonated with viewers all around the world who see her as a breath of fresh air, compared to the clone of young, wannabe influencers we see every year becoming embroiled in drama,” the insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“With the right strategy and team, she could make millions in the next couple of years with so much demand already.”

MAFS’ Lucinda Light at her wedding.
‘With the right strategy and team, she could make millions in the next couple of years.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Lucinda shuts down major rumour

While it was rumoured that Lucinda was tipped to be offered the role of relationship expert on MAFS in New Zealand, the fan-favourite bride revealed on Monday that she will not be taking on the gig as she isn’t in "any place to comment on anybody’s relationship or marriage”.

“I mean, I'm not in one successfully, so I just don't feel like I belong on an expert couch there personally,” she told Triple M WA’s Robbie Von. “I think even if the job was offered it would probably be a no from me.”


Lucinda continued: “I feel as well that MAFS comes with such criticism and commentary from the public and I just don't think I want to put myself out on the public chopping block again.

“It was sort of enough during the experience and look, I've received a lot of love, but yeah, I just think I'd really I'd be asking for critique if I thought for one second I was a relationship expert. At 43 I haven’t quite got it right yet!”

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