MAFS fans point out bizarre missing detail in reunion episode: 'Weird'

One of this season's most loved couples was barely featured in the episode.

Married At First Sight fans have been left scratching their heads after noticing a very strange detail in Monday night’s reunion episode.

Despite being one of this season’s success stories - and one of the few couples rumoured to still be together in the real world - intruders Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell were barely featured in the episode.

MAFS’ Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo.
MAFS’ Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo barely appeared in Monday night’s reunion episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Instead, viewers only saw Jono McCullough and Lauren Dunn, Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa, Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper, Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams, and Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light sit down with the experts to unpack their time in the experiment.

Fans took to social media following the episode to point out the pair’s glaring omission and question why only five of the season’s 12 couples were featured.

“Did they completely skip Ridge and Jade? That's weird,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Did we see Ridge and Jade tonight? Cause we didn’t get a deece montage and I can’t remember seeing them”.


“I love Lucinda but why are we hearing about Tim and Lucinda’s failed relationship instead of Ridge and Jade who actually said yes to each other?” a third remarked.

“Oh yeah, why didn't Jade & Ridge go on the couch? They made it to the end? But Timothy and Lucinda didn't and they were on the couch,” someone else shared.

“Why didn’t we see Jade and Ridge, Andrea and Richard, Tristan and Cassandra, Michael and Stephen?” a different user replied, while another viewer asked, “Why didn't we get a Cass/Tristan & Jade/Ridge couch moment? Stephen & Michael?”

MAFS 2024 cast at the reunion.
Only five out of the season’s 12 couples were featured in the episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Why weren't Ridge and Jade shown?

A production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Ridge and Jade weren’t shown in the reunion episode because they didn’t have many big moments throughout the season.

“There was so much juicy content to air involving the other couples and not much involving Ridge and Jade, especially because they entered the experiment halfway through, so it would’ve been boring for viewers if they sat on the couch with the experts,” they share.

The couple’s omission isn’t too surprising considering last season’s intruders Evelyn Ellis and Rupert Budgen, who made it to the final vows but chose not to stay together, also didn’t get a chance to sit down with the experts at their reunion.


Meanwhile, another source claims Ridge and Jade were hardly shown because they had actually split up a couple of days before the reunion and were forced to fake their relationship on camera.

The insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that in the month between filming their final vows and returning for the reunion, Ridge and Jade were “on-and-off and split many times” - including an alleged “huge fight” the night before the dinner party which left them both unsure of their future.

“Producers knew they were in the middle of a fight but it made no sense to bring that onto the show, so they were told to smile and fake it for the sake of giving viewers a happy ending,” the source details.

It is understood Ridge and Jade went on to officially split in the weeks after filming the reunion, but have since reunited.

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