MAFS insider drops huge reunion bombshell: 'Most edited episode'

EXCLUSIVE: An anonymous participant has broken down which scenes were 'taken out of context'

From Jono McCullough and Ellie Dix’s hard launch to Tim Calwell and Sara Mesa’s near break-up, Sunday night’s Married At First Sight reunion dinner party was definitely one of the most explosive episodes this season.

While there were quite a few storylines that producers were forced to edit out of the 90-minute episode (which you can read all about here), an anonymous participant tells Yahoo Lifestyle that what did air on TV was almost entirely taken out of context.

“The reunion was by far the most edited episode I’ve seen,” the insider shares. “Every other episode I think has been fairly accurate but that was extremely out of context.”

MAFS' Lauren Dunn and Jono McCullough.
One MAFS participant has labelled the reunion dinner party as ‘the most edited episode’ of the season. Photos: Channel Nine

Ellie's outburst

One of the most dramatic moments from the episode was when Ellie was shown snapping at Lauren and calling her a “f**king b***h”. The source tells us that the comment was actually made towards Sara after she suggested Ellie was only with Jono to boost her profile, but was edited to make Ellie look even worse.

“Sara was saying things to Ellie like, ‘You’re only with Jono for the limelight, you’ve always wanted the limelight’. That’s why Ellie snapped and said, ‘I left the experiment in week five’ - to make a point that she wasn’t on the show for fame,” the source adds.

“There’s only so far you can push someone before they snap. Ellie is one of the nicest girls in the cast and she doesn’t deserve to be receiving so much hate - but the comment definitely shouldn't have been said, regardless of who she said it to.”


Ellie herself has since confirmed this, telling Bronte & Lakey for Breakfast that her outburst was directed at Sara towards the end of the night.

“Sara was being so horrible to me. She came at me and I just snapped,” she explained. “I definitely regret swearing on camera like that, it’s the one thing my dad asked me not to do.”

Meanwhile, a production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Sara wasn't being “horrible” to Ellie and was simply calling out her and Jono's “s**tty behaviour and blatant lack of respect for Lauren”.

“You can’t edit what comes out of their mouth. What they said in the car on the way there, the 'f**king b***h' comment, that was all them and who they really are. The smugness and PDA was spot on,” they remark.

“Ellie and Jono ignored Lauren when they walked in and when asked about the elephant in the room by Lucinda [Light], they 100 per cent went on to talk about how happy and amazing they are when it was very obvious to everyone that what we were all trying to address was how awkward it was for Lauren.”

MAFS' Ellie Dix swearing.
Ellie has confirmed her outburst was directed at Sara, not Lauren. Photos: Channel Nine

Jono's bombshell

Another major moment was when Jono was shown telling Sara that Tim had said he was having second thoughts about his decision, however, he certainly wasn’t the only person who knew about this.

“There were about five other people who were talking about Tim’s comment before Jono brought it up,” the anonymous participant reveals.

“Jade [Pywell] was actually the first person to mention it at the dinner table, but everyone had already been talking about it during the cocktail party before she arrived.”


The source adds that while Jono could’ve handled himself better than he did, he and Ellie were “definitely stitched up more than they needed to be” in the edit.

“Most people in the cast were in support of Jono and Ellie, but yes, they should’ve pulled Lauren aside or given her a heads up before walking in together,” they share.

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