MAFS star points out 'telling' detail in cast's Instagram posts: 'Happy narrative'

EXCLUSIVE: A former groom has shared how viewers can tell whether a couple is still together by what they share online.

It’s a well-known rule that regardless of how they feel about their partner by the time the show airs on TV, the Married At First Sight participants have to write their Instagram captions as if they’re still in the experiment.

While this rule often tricks viewers into thinking certain couples might still be together, a former groom has pointed out that there are ways to determine a cast member’s relationship status but how much - and especially how little - they share online.

MAFS' Jack Dunkley and Tori Adams / Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell.
MAFS participants have to write their Instagram captions as if they’re still on the show. Photos: Channel Nine

During an appearance on Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast, season 10 groom Layton Mills shared that Instagram captions are always “really telling”.

“In our season, it was quite interesting knowing what was happening and to see what people were saying in their captions because I knew how relationships were unfolding and I knew the stuff that was going on,” he shared.

“So it was pretty interesting to see what people were saying because that was their way of getting their voice out.”


The CEO, who split from his partner Melinda Willis in October last year, added that the Instagram captions give viewers an insight “into their mindset” and what they want the public to know.

“It’s very hard to lie with a pen,” he continued. “You know when you’re texting someone and you can tell when they’re being snarky? You just know when someone’s writing something.

“I just feel like people lack self-awareness sometimes.”

MAFS' Layton Mills.
2023 groom Layton Mills says the participants’ Instagram captions give viewers an insight ‘into their mindset’. Photo: Yahoo

Sara's 'happy narrative' on Instagram

Layton went on to point out that Sara Mesa - whose partner Tim Calwell was photographed kissing another woman in February - has been putting out a “happy narrative” online as if they are still in a relationship.

However, eagle-eyed fans would notice that her captions aren’t necessarily written in the present tense.

“What a wild ride we have had! No matter what, only we know what happened and the connection we shared,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself and Tim at final vows.


Meanwhile, Tori Adams - who is confirmed to still be with her partner Jack Dunkley - has shared Instagram captions referencing the future of their relationship.

“Jack, whilst we didn’t choose each other in the beginning, I can wholeheartedly say I choose you today and everyday thereafter,” she wrote. “This experiment is only the beginning of our journey, here’s to the next chapter of us.”

Yahoo Lifestyle understands that the season 11 cast won't be able to officially regain access to their Instagram accounts until mid-May when the season finishes airing in the UK.

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