MAFS fans left confused over Cass and Sara's heated interaction: 'Something has happened'

MAFS fans have been left questioning what really went down with Cass and Sara after last night's finale.

The last two episodes of Married At First Sight for the year were certainly explosive, from the Ellie, Jono, and Lauren saga, to the argument that saw Tim and Sara nearly end things at the final dinner party, to Tori and Jack walking out of the very last catchup with the experts.

After the final episode aired, loyal MAFS fans noticed a few things missing from the reunion ceremony with the experts: Jade and Ridge's couch time was cut, we didn't get updates on certain participants like Cass, Tristan, Natalie, and Collins, and a fiery exchange between Cass and Sara at some stage left people with more questions than answers.

Cass spoke up on the couches and called out Sara for her behaviour after John Aiken asked Cass why Sara gets under her skin.

"She just lies," Cass said. "She's just fake. Everything out of her mouth is fake. Every time I talk to you, you are actually the nastiest person."

Cass and Tristan during MAFS finale
Cass wasn't scared to tell Sara how she really felt during the MAFS finale. Photo: Nine

This caused Sara to arc up, telling Cass that she "never talked" to her. "I've never spoken a word to you, that's f***ing bull***t it's rude," Sara said.

Fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to discuss what the hell happened between Cass and Sara, that we didn't get to see.

"I'd love to know what exactly it is Sara has done to make Cass and Michael react that way, cause it's clear something has happened," one person tweeted.


"Did I fall asleep and miss a whole chunk of storyline where Cass and Michael (and Ellie?!) all hate Sara? This is like a Christopher Nolan film trying to piece together all the parts," another person said.

"Ooh Cass coming for Sara. Didn't have that on my bingo card," someone else said.

"The winner of the MAFS reunion is Cass!! So random," someone else said. "Cass is dropping the truth bombs that no one else is prepared to say," someone else agreed.

So what happened with Cass and Sara?

Previously to the season airing, an insider spoke out about the tension in Cass and Sara's relationship, with show insiders telling the Daily Mail that things "really hit the fan".

“It all started over a misunderstanding involving Tim. Sara felt ambushed by Cass’s sudden outburst," the insider said, saying that Cassandra was dubbed the "smiling assassin" for her quick one-liners.

Tim and Sara MAFS finale
Tim and Sara put on a united front during the MAFS finale. Photo: Nine


“Cass has this way of stirring the pot. She’s not one to hold back, especially if she thinks someone’s not being genuine,” they continued. “And with Sara, she’s been relentless.”

However, another insider also spoke out, saying that Cassandra grew frustrated with Sara for being insincere with her husband Tim.

“She did it calmly but directly, telling Sara that she wasn’t paying enough attention to her relationship with Tim and was coming across as insincere," they said. "Every time they tried to address the issue with Sara, she became defensive and rude.”

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