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The 'amazing' pizza oven that cooks dinner in 60 seconds: 'Everything we wanted'

It also features a stunning design and plenty of enticing features.

Aussies eat more than four million pizzas a year - that's a lot of dough spent on takeaways. With the cost of living rising, making your own pizza is definitely a cheaper option than buying in; and now there's a home pizza oven that gives you great pizza in as little as 60 seconds.

Gozney's new Arc pizza oven is the world's most advanced compact pizza oven. The super stylish design is small on the outside but can cook a 14-inch pizza. Its extra wide mouth means you can slide pizzas in and out easily, without dropping them or getting them stuck.

Gozney new Arc pizza oven
The Gozney Arc pizza oven is the world's most advanced compact pizza oven. Photo: Supplied

Made from two-layer space-age insulation and featuring a thick cordierite stone floor, the oven quickly reaches 500ºC, and then stays hot while cooking. This means you can cook pizza after pizza with no delays.


Rave reviews

Although newer to the market, the Arc has already generated some buzz with happy customers sharing their thoughts on the sleek unit. 

"This is everything we wanted," says one happy customer. "It is extremely well built and looks wonderful in our backyard. It performs beautifully, too."

"This is amazing and is beautiful in my backyard," another person wrote.

"It is awesome," offered someone else. "Great build quality, and cooks like a dream. Highly recommended."

Gozney's Arc pizza oven
Gozney's Arc pizza oven doesn't need a door because the heat is so stable for a long time. Photo: Supplied

State-of-the-art features

The oven has a built-in digital thermometer and an easy-to-use dial, so all you need to do is heat it and pop your pizza in to cook.

As pizza is meant to be an easy end-of-day treat, the oven is super easy to set up. Just put in the batteries, plug in the gas and you're ready to cook. It's easy to clean too. Built with pro-grade materials, it has an exhaust that reduces the build-up of soot, as well as a removable stone floor that future-proofs the oven and increases its lifespan. Plus, it's also water resistant and UV stable so it's protected from the elements all year round.

The Arc is now on sale for $1199.99, and the Arc XL, which fits a 16” pizza, is now on sale for $1399.99.

There's also a range of accessories available, including a pizza server, a dough tray, a portable stand, and a booster so you can have your oven at exactly the right height.

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