MAFS' Cass Allen labelled ‘smiling assassin’ after rumours of heated clash with fellow bride

“Cass has this way of stirring the pot."

Cassandra Allen is already a fan favourite for this season of Married At First Sight, with audiences warming to her cheery demeanour, heartbreaking backstory, and, of course, her dad's epic wedding speech.

Rumours are swirling, however, that Cassandra will be embroiled in an epic fight with another bride Sara Mesa, with the two reported to become unlikely rivals after they clash at the dinner party.

According to show insiders, Cassandra and Sara have 'explosive' arguments at the infamous dinner parties, with an insider telling Daily Mail that things 'really hit the fan'.

“It all started over a misunderstanding involving Tim. Sara felt ambushed by Cass’s sudden outburst," the insider said, saying that Cassandra was dubbed the "smiling assassin" for her quick one-liners.

MAFS brides Sara and Cassandra
MAFS brides Cassandra and Sara are set to clash at the upcoming dinner parties. Photo: Nine

“Cass has this way of stirring the pot. She’s not one to hold back, especially if she thinks someone’s not being genuine,” they continued. “And with Sara, she’s been relentless.”

However, another insider also spoke out, saying that Cassandra grew frustrated with Sara for being insincere with her husband Tim.


“She did it calmly but directly, telling Sara that she wasn’t paying enough attention to her relationship with Tim and was coming across as insincere," they said. "Every time they tried to address the issue with Sara, she became defensive and rude.”

Cassandra, who is matched with Tristan Black, had viewers warm to her after sharing her tragic backstory of losing her childhood sweetheart in a motorbike accident, and then going on to have her mother pass away of cancer in 2020.

Sara, who is matched with Tim Calwell, has clashed with her groom so far, after his best man went rogue in his speech, with the two also fighting during their honeymoon after Tim told Sara to 'relax', resulting in Sara storming off from their dinner date.

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