MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The explosive fight viewers didn't get to see on TV

New photos reveal there was a major blow-up amongst the cast that never aired.

Sunday night’s episode of Married At First Sight was filled with plenty of drama, with controversial couple Harrison Boon and Bronte Schofield shocking their co-stars when they both chose to write ‘stay’.

But it turns out there was one major incident that took place during filming that day that viewers didn’t get to see.

MAFS brides Lyndall, Alyssa and Melinda arguing in the car park.
Photos show MAFS brides Lyndall, Alyssa and Melinda arguing before Sunday night’s commitment ceremony. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle show a surprising row between several brides which was cut from the TV show.

The snaps feature Lyndall Grace, Alyssa Barmonde and Melinda Willis having a very tense chat in the car park of their apartment building before travelling to film the commitment ceremony.


At first, Lyndall and Alyssa waited together as their producer spoke with their driver before Melinda joined them and appeared to have some strong words for Alyssa.

MAFS brides Lyndall and Alyssa waiting in the car park.
Lyndall and Alyssa waited for their driver together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Alyssa responded whilst looking very animated, but producers quickly intervened and put the girls into their vehicles.

Despite the apparent conflict, none of this made it to air and the episode never suggested there was any tension between the brides.

MAFS brides Alyssa and Melinda arguing in the car park.
The conflict never aired on TV. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Rupert reveals unaired boys' night scene with Dan

This certainly isn’t the first major moment that was left on the cutting room floor this season, with Rupert Bugden revealing last week that there was a scene from the boys’ night that didn't play on TV.

The 27-year-old tradie told Yahoo Lifestyle that he and Dan Hunjas, who was completely edited out of the episode, had a conversation about the infamous butt-dial scandal.

“I’ve seen online that we got into a heated argument, but it definitely was not like that at all,” he explained.

“Dan brought up the whole butt-dial thing and I said exactly how it happened. I butt-dialled Evelyn [Ellis] that night and she heard something, but obviously, when I got home drunk I relayed what Dan had said.


“A lot of people are hanging s**t on me for that, but if you’re not talking smack with your wife or partner about everything then that must be the most boring relationship ever. But obviously, it’s different because it’s TV and I should’ve known better.”

While Rupert confessed he couldn’t remember too much from the boys’ night because “half the time I was getting cut off for drinking too much and being told to get on the waters”, he recalled producers pushing Dan to confront him about the butt-dial “for the narrative”.

“I just told him the truth and he accepted it,” he says. “We shook hands and there was definitely no bad blood.”

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