MAFS' Jesse slams Claire's 'angel' edit in rogue interview: 'Imbalance'

The season 10 groom has called out the TV portrayal of his 'wife'.

Married At First Sight’s Jesse Burford has officially broken his silence and opened up about his wild experience on the reality show in a bombshell new interview.

The 30-year-old marriage celebrant, whose ‘wife’ Claire Nomarhas cheated on him early on in the experiment but denied it for weeks before eventually coming clean, has told Daily Mail there were plenty of explosive moments viewers didn’t get to see from his time on the show.

MAFS' Jesse and Claire at the commitment ceremony.
MAFS’ Jesse Burford has opened up about his time on the show and what viewers don’t get to see on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

Jesse admitted to the publication that he was surprised to see Claire being portrayed so positively on TV despite her questionable behaviour during filming.

“For some reason, they chose her to be the angel of the season,” he said, claiming that Claire behaved like a “super villain”.

“It’s almost criminal. The imbalance and the injustice, I can't even explain it.”


Jesse went on to share that although he didn’t believe there was any chance he would receive a ‘villain’ edit because of how Claire was acting, he was quickly proven wrong.

“I was shocked watching our relationship play out on screen,” he remarked. “I remember thinking to myself, ‘I don't have to worry one bit about if I'm going to be a villain, because [Claire] just said some crazy stuff’.

“And there I am watching our honeymoon six months later, and they're showing none of it!”

While he didn’t directly see any favouritism from producers towards Claire during filming, he claims he felt a “weird sixth sense that something didn't feel right”.

MAFS' Jesse and Claire at the dinner party.
'I was shocked watching our relationship play out on screen'. Photo: Channel Nine

Claire reveals her current relationship with Jesse

This comes shortly after Claire appeared on Today Extra last week and told hosts Sylvia Jeffreys and David Campbell that she and Jesse hadn’t spoken in a while.

“I’ve always been the first to reach out to Jesse,” she shared. “You know, ‘How are you going? How was watching that [episode]? How are you feeling?’

“Jesse is not really one to be like, ‘How are you going? How are you feeling?’. So I’m not really sure how he really feels about me.”

Claire also reacted to a video Jesse posted on his secret Instagram account where he made a big show of removing his wedding ring while his friends chanted ‘take it off’.

“I did see a video of Jesse taking off his ring and it was quite dramatic and that, that did upset me,” she said. “I’ve always spoken really highly of Jesse. I have respect for him and it made me feel like that wasn’t kind of reciprocated.”

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