MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Duncan moves on from Alyssa with former 'villain'

Things haven't been going very well in the Married At First Sight groom's on-screen relationship.

Things have been going downhill for MAFS' Duncan James and Alyssa Barmonde after a dramatic commitment ceremony on Sunday night, where she told him he can't understand her life as he's not a parent, and an argument after they were reunited following the couple swap challenge on Monday night that left the groom in tears.

"I feel more rejected in this relationship than any relationship I've been in," he tearfully told the cameras at the end of Monday's episode.

MAFS' Duncan and Alyssa
MAFS' Duncan has been pictured getting cosy with a star of last year's season of the show as his relationship with Alyssa goes downhill. Photo: Nine

Now, it may seem as though Duncan has possibly moved on with someone from last year's season of the show.

Yahoo Lifestyle has obtained photos of Duncan and Carolina Santos enjoying what appears to be a date in Sydney back in January, two months after the filming of this year's season wrapped.


An onlooker, who recognised Carolina and snapped the pictures, tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “I had no idea who Duncan was then because the new season had now started. It looked like they were on a date but they had other friends with them.”

In the pictures, Duncan and Carolina are seen enjoying an intimate conversation whilst whispering into each other's ears. At one point, they placed their hands on each other's knees.

MAFS' Carolina Santos and Duncan James
The onlooker who snapped the photo said of Carolina and Duncan, 'It looked like they were on a date but they had other friends with them.' Photo: Supplied

Carolina later embraced Duncan and wrapped her arms around him for one picture.

The 2022 bride was originally partnered with Dion Giannarelli on her season and went on to date fellow intruder Daniel Holmes, with the pair announcing their split in August last year.

It's not the first MAFS bride Duncan has been linked to since the show finished filming, with the groom spotted getting flirty with intruder Evelyn Ellis at her recent viewing party in Sydney, where Alyssa was noticeably absent.

MAFS' Duncan and Evelyn
The groom was spotted getting flirty with intruder Evelyn Ellis at her recent viewing party in Sydney. Photo: Instagram

However, Evelyn has since confirmed nothing happened between herself and any of the grooms who attended the event, including Harrison Boon.

"Everyone from Sydney was invited," she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "Melinda [Willis] and Layton [Mills] were supposed to come but she had to fly back to Brissy, and Ollie [Skelton] was sick that day.

"I was stuck with the boys which was fine, we just had a few drinks and watched the episode. There’s definitely nothing there."

Fans rally around Duncan

MAFS' Duncan cries
Duncan was left in tears on Monday night when asked if he felt 'rejected' by Alyssa, saying he felt 'more rejected' by her than any other partner previously. Photo: Nine

MAFS fans have taken to social media to rally around Duncan, with many saying he "deserves better" and is the "nicest man on MAFS". Some also suggested he be the next Bachelor.

"Duncan should be in a relationship with someone as emotionally secure as him," one user wrote.

"I don't think I've ever seen anyone as genuine or kind on MAFS as Duncan," another said. "What is happening to him is disgusting."


"Someone give Duncan a hug," a third added.

"Duncan will have his pick of nearly every single woman in Australia after this ends," someone else said.

"Duncan being called 'emotionally mature' by the experts is an understatement...Alyssa is pushing away one of the best men ever to be cast on this show," another wrote.

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