MAFS 2023 brides' influencer dreams crushed: 'Can't quit day jobs'

This year's season of Married At First Sight has almost come to an end.

This year's Married At First Sight brides look set to have their dreams of becoming fashion and beauty influencers crushed as the season approaches its end.

Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that a majority of this year’s participants have struggled to attract any significant online followings, suggesting the Australian public is over ‘fame-hungry’ brides.

MAFS' Bronte Schofield crying with Lyndall Grace.
This year’s MAFS cast members have struggled to gain any significant online followings. Photo: Channel Nine

Since the season premiered eight weeks ago, Claire Nomarhas has attracted the biggest audience on Instagram jumping from 2,800 followers to 64,000.

This is followed by existing influencer Melinda Willis, whose account has increased from 150,000 to 199,000, and Evelyn Ellis, who went from 65,000 fans to 120,000.

Others stars have achieved mild success, with Bronte Schofield gaining 36,000 new followers so far and Tahnee Cook receiving around 35,000. Meanwhile, Melissa Sheppard has attracted 14,000 followers and Tayla Winter’s numbers have increased by just 7,000.


Although some of these numbers may seem impressive, last year's brides Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding left the show with over 500,000 followers – which is significantly higher than where any of the current stars are at.

One influencer manager tells Yahoo Lifestyle: “These days you can't quit your day job with anything less than 300,000 followers, and even then they have to be super engaged. The market is more saturated than ever.”

Only time will tell how much the bride’s accounts continue to grow, as the season only recently began airing in the UK. It’s also common for participants to gain an influx of followers after the show when they regain access to their accounts and have the ability to share their own content.

MAFS' Evelyn Ellis.
Evelyn Ellis is said to be the most in-demand bride amongst the cast. Photo: Channel Nine

Most in-demand MAFS cast member revealed

This comes after Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that former Big Brother UK contestant Evelyn is currently the most in-demand bride among the cast, with management companies already desperately trying to approach her.

“Evelyn has the broadest appeal and marketability,” one industry source told us. “She's the dream ambassador for any fashion and beauty brand, she also has opinions that she isn't afraid to voice in a respectful manner meaning any podcast will be an instant hit and girls just love her.


“The fact she already had a following prior to the show is an added bonus. If she plays it right she will make a fortune.”

Other participants tipped to do well after the show include Tahnee and her partner Ollie Skelton, who could become the next online power couple and follow in the footsteps of Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, and Janelle Han, who already boasts 500,000 followers on TikTok.

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